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Ultra High Efficiency Hydraulic Filter 126-1818, 1261818

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Ultra High Efficiency Hydraulic Filter 126-1818, 1261818

The 126-1818 can replace Fleetguard HF35554, Baldwin BT9362-MPG, Donaldson P179343, Case 254353A1.

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Ultra High Efficiency Hydraulic Filter 126-1818, 1261818

Cross Reference :

Fleetguard HF35554
Baldwin BT9362-MPG
Donaldson P179343
Case 254353A1

The 126-1818 Details:
CAT Ultra High Efficiency (UHE) Hydraulic and Transmission Filter feature synthetic media which removes a higher proportion of fine particles for optimum contamination control in the most severe applications.
While a filter choice may not seem like a major decision, the wrong filter can accelerate wear and damage to your equipment.

The Hydraulic Filter 126-1818 had three attributes:
1.  Proprietary filter media provides unsurpassed protection
2.  Increased debris holding capability
3.  Increased resistance to collapse

The 126-1818 Parameter:

Part Number

126-1818, 1261818

Parts Name

Hydraulic Filter



Overall Height

154.50 mm

Outer Diameter

84.00 mm

Inner Diameter

17.00 mm

Efficiency Rating

Ultra High Efficiency

The 126-1818 Application:

D9T, D8T, D8N, D6R, D8R D6R LGP D10T2, D6R XL


924G, 972H, 928HZ, 950H, 980G, IT28G, 924H, 980GII

772G, 770G, 775G OEM 775G LRC 777G, 773G LRC 775G, 773G OEM 773G, 772G OEM 770G OEM

D10T2, D8N, D8RLRC

924G, 928G, 924H, 980H, 966H, 924HZ, 928H, 930H, 924GZ, 930G, 950H, 928HZ, 972H, 950 GC 980G, 962H, 980G II 986K, 986H

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