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China Everlasting Parts Co., Limited is most complete range of Filters Professional Supplier Since 2008 Company profile Our company is specialized in the production of various heavy duty oil filters, cabin air filter ,fuel filters and fuel water separator and other genuine filter replacement parts. We have our own filters factory and our own brand AYREST,with 10 years filters produce experience. Meanwhile have build Good Cooperation relation with more than 20 professional manufactures, that can ensure supply steady quality filters to customers. We are filtration specialists and have mastered the techniques of separation and filtration processes. We own Complete testing equipment ensure supply acceptable quality filters to users. Our filters technology, material and quality refer to the original standard. Example: our cat filters replacement with technology is ""Non-Metallic Center Tube;Spiral Roving;Molded End Caps". Our products Our filters are used for the famous equipment. Example: Caterpillar, Komatsu, Fleetguard, Perkins, Lister Petter, FG Wilson, Deutz, VOLVO, Hitachi, JCB, Hyundai, Deawoo Doosan, Mitsubishi, John Deere, Parker Racor, Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Hydac, Pall,Kobelco, Rexreoth, Mercedes Benz, IVECO, Scania, MTU, DAF, Hengst, Hino, Mann, CNH, Yanmar, Toyor, Nissan, Luber Finer, Wix, Donaldson, Baldwin. Also welcome samples to produce according to your samples. Our filters are used on truck, bus, excavator, crane, bulldozer, harvester, forklift, coach, pump truck, loaders, generator set, steamship, air compressor, track type tractors, wheel loaders track excavators, articulated trucks, Ag tractors,compactors, pipelayers, highway trucks, wheel dozers,Construction equipment, Agriculture, Handling equipment, Marine equipment. Services EVERLSTING PARTS COMPANY is at your disposal throughout the year, in order to help you make the best choice in filtration for your equipment. The Influence and Strength of the Specialist in Filtration : The most complete range of filters in the world: 20000 available references in stock, Around 3000,000 Pcs products in stock, 10000 Square meter warehouse. Genuine quality standard can protect your engine well. Two brands: AYREST and RUIQIAN,3 packing lines,can be customized Packaging. Multilingual, Multiple communication tools to respond to the worldwide requests 6*12H manager service. 10 Year filters export experience.
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We are continuously striving to put maximum quality & growing immensely in global space as perfect Self Diesel Engine Spare Parts manufacturers Supplier exporters


Heavy duty replacement filters are designed to lower restriction and improve horsepower. mainly used for trucks and diesel equipment,bus/fire/transport vehicles, and generators.

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China Everlasting Parts Co., Limited has been offered various brand genuine filters and replacement parts since 2008. Give you best filter solutions and OEM/ODM service.

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  • Second Big Discount Sale during 1th, July,2019 to 31th, July,2019

    Second Big Discount Sale during 1th, July,2019 to 31th, July,2019

    Second Big Discount Sale during 1th, July,2019 to 31th, July,2019  CH10929 $6.00USD/PC MOQ 200PCS  CH10930 $6.00USD/PC MOQ 200PCS CH10931 $6.00USD/PC MOQ 200PCS
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  • Promotion Activity Of Filters

    Promotion Activity Of Filters

    Good news, filters 328-21600, 751-10620, FGO803, FHU801. Free of charge within 3PCS. But you have to bear the freight. If you have need exceed 100pcs, we can give you a big discount, Until they're sold out. If you are interested in these filters, please feel free contact us by the following way: Email:Sales@filters-king.com        WhatsApp:+8618144082725         Wechat:+8618144082725               Skype:Filters-king
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  • Dragon Boat Festival

    Dragon Boat Festival

    We will meet Dragon Boat Festival from June 7st, 2019 to June 9th, 2019. Our warehouse will be closed from June 7st, 2019 to June 9th, 2019. I can't send products during this holidays, I hope you understand. During the holidays, if you have any need filters, please leave message or add my WhatsApp/wechat +8618144082725. I will reply you in the first time.
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  • 2019 Quanzhou International Construction Machinery Exhibition ended successfully

    2019 Quanzhou International Construction Machinery Exhibition ended successfully

    2019 Quanzhou International Engineering Machinery Exhibition and CNC Machine Tool Special Equipment Expo showcases new products, new technologies, new materials and comprehensive solutions for customers in the field of machine tools and industrial automation, and strives to build a value exchange platform. It ended on May 20th, 2019. China Everlasting Parts Co., Limited in providing factory machinery parts and filters. If you have any needs or would like more information, you can always contact us for consultation.
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  • Maintenance knowledge about fuel water separator

    Maintenance knowledge about fuel water separator

    One: start inspection and preparation 1: Before using the water separator equipment, the driver's consent should be obtained. 2: Check the line installation of the fuel water separator, whether the steering of the supporting pump is normal 3: Water is supplied to the fuel water separator, and the top air valve is opened to allow air to escape. 4: Check the oil and water separation in the marrow water inlet and outlet system without any leakage Two: precautions during operation 1: Adjust the drain valve opening degree and keep the pressure inside the separator to facilitate the elimination of the oil in the separator. 2: Observe whether the gauges such as pressure gauges and thermometers are normal. 3: Observe the working condition of the treated drainage water quality and oil concentration alarm 4: After the discharge is over, it should continue to be poured into clean water for 15 minutes to clean the separator. 5: Close the inlet and outlet after the pump is stopped, avoid the loss of clean water in the cylinder, reduce the oxidation and corrosion of the inner wall. 6: Each time the fuel water separator is used for discharge, it should be recorded in the oil beauty record book. Three: maintenance 1: Regularly clean the filter, open the bottom of the separator to vent, and remove the sediment deposited in the lower part, impurities 2: Clean the internal separation components of the separator in time, and avoid cleaning the inner wall and components of the separator with a cleaning agent. 3: When a fault occurs, the cause should be identified and the failed coalescing component should be replaced in time.
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  • The role of the air filter and the replacement cycle

    The role of the air filter and the replacement cycle

    An air filter is a device that purifies air. The air filter removes suspended particulate matter from the air entering the cylinder to reduce the wear of the cylinder and piston and piston ring to extend the life of the component. The air filter is a consumable item and is usually replaced once every 10,000 kilometers. The main requirements of the air conditioner are high filtration efficiency, low flow resistance, and continuous use for a long time without maintenance. · It is important to choose the right filter. Why do you say this? The main reason is that the bacteria dust in the summer air is abnormally active, and in other weathers, the filter may not feel anything, but the filter that is not suitable in summer will Shows the problem, because if you have pollen allergies and don't choose pollen filters or filters that filter well, then you are likely to be miserable while driving, and the summer air filter is better. For the protection of the body, pay special attention to the more hair, and a good filter can filter a lot of hair and dust, because the summer dry explosion often the road dust will float so good filter for summer road dust filter It is very good.
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  • Filter PL420 can't replace filters PL421

    Filter PL420 can't replace filters PL421

    In the past, the PL420 was used as the first primary filter for the fuel tank girders. There is no pressure. The common rail is pressurized, and the PL420 is under negative pressure. Before the appearance of the electronic pressure pump, the transparent cup is very safe, there is no pressure damage to the transparent cup, but with the advent of the electronic pressure pump, the engine's two coarse filters change from negative pressure to 4 positive pressures or even greater pressure. The old-fashioned PL420 transparent cup has the risk of oil leakage. Some OEMs changed the PL420 on the engine to the PL421 without a cup. However, some OEMs did not consider this problem. They still loaded the PL420. (There are now Delong) there are design risks. It is recommended to use the filter PL421 for models equipped with an electronic pump. Filters PL420 and PL421, we can provide, if you need, please feel free to contact us.
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  • What are the effects of fuel filter replacement and non-replacement?

    What are the effects of fuel filter replacement and non-replacement?

    What are the effects of fuel filter replacement and non-replacement? Gasoline filtration is one of the common filter products, the main function is to remove impurities from gasoline. If the fuel filter is too dirty or blocked, the main performance is: when the fuel is added, the power is slower, or it can't get up, the car is difficult to start, sometimes it takes 2-5 times to catch the fire. Most engines are equipped with disposable, non-removable paper filter fuel filters. The replacement cycle is generally 10,000 kilometers. If you add less gasoline, it is not a problem to replace one with 15000-20000 kilometers. The filter has an inlet and outlet arrow mark, and should not be reversed when replacing. The fuel filter is to filter the impurities in the gasoline you usually add. It takes a long time. Your fuel filter is full of dirt, dirt and dregs. Therefore, it is recommended to change the number of kilometers. If you don't change it, or delay the change, it will definitely affect the performance of your car; for example, the oil road is not smooth, the car is not motivated, the time is long, the filter performance of the steam filter is greatly reduced, and finally the engine is damaged chronically, and even the engine is overhauled. If you don't change it, it will definitely bring a lot of damage to the car.
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