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  • VOLVO Fuel Water Separator 21380488

    VOLVO Fuel Water Separator 21380488 20788794 20879812

    The VOLVO Fuel Water Separator 21380488 is equivalent to Fleetgaurd FS19920, FS19933, Baldwin BF1387-O, Hengst H7091, Liebherr 10044302, VOLVO 20788794, 20879812. Part Number:21380488 Part Name:Fuel Water Separator Brand:VOLVO

  • Bobcat Hydraulic Filter 7024037

    Bobcat Hydraulic Filter 7024037

    The Bobcat Hydraulic Filter 7024037 is equivalent to Baldwin PT23561-MPG. Part Number:7024037 Part Name:Hydraulic Filter Brand:Bobcat

  • Perkins Air Filter 2652C831

    Perkins Air Filter 2652C831 901-056

    The Perkins Air Filter 2652C831 is equivalent to Fleetgaurd AF27840, Baldwin RS4561, Donaldson P780331, CAT 289-2348, Hengst 62110000, WIX 49561, FG Wilson 901-056. Part Number:2652C831 Part Name:Air Filter Brand:Perkins

  • Perkins Fuel Water Separator Assembly 130306380

    Perkins Fuel Water Separator Assembly 130306380

    The Perkins Fuel Water Separator Assembly 130306380 is equivalent to Fg Wilson 915-093, 100000-00038. Part Number:130306380 Part Name:Fuel Water Separator Assembly Brand:Perkins

  • CAT Fuel Water Separator 423-8525

    CAT Fuel Water Separator 423-8525 4238525

    The CAT Fuel Water Separator 423-8525 is equivalent to CAT 326-1644. Part Number:423-8525, 4238525 Part Name:Fuel Water Separator Brand:CAT

  • CAT Fuel Water Separator 423-8524

    CAT Fuel Water Separator 423-8524 4238524

    The CAT Fuel Water Separator 423-8524 is equivalent to CAT 326-1643, 326-1644, 202-9871. Part Number:423-8524, 4238524 Part Name:Fuel Water Separator Brand:CAT


Visits from Malaysian customers

Visits from Malaysian customers

April 17th, Malaysian customers visited our company and visited our sample room. Our product manager explained many filter related contents to the customer, focusing on the filters of CAT and Ingersoll Rand. 1. Our product manager focuses on explaining several advantages of our CAT filter for our customers: Non-Metallic Center Tube;Spiral Roving;Molded End Caps Our Filtration Material is HV Filter paper or Ahlstrom Paper. 2. We discussed with the customer about Ingersoll Rand air filtration. Our Ingersoll Rand air filter materials and processes are the same as the original standards.   After visiting the sample room, the customer took a group photo with our manager.

  • Filter requirements for filters

    Filter requirements for filters


    A good and reliable filter has very high filtration requirements: 1. High filtration accuracy: Filter out all the larger particles (>1 - 2 um) 2. High filtration efficiency: reduce the amount of particles passing through the filter. 3. Prevent early wear on the engine. Prevent damage to the air flow meter! 4. The pressure difference is low to ensure that the engine has the best air-fuel ratio. Reduce filtration losses. 5. Large filtration area, high ash content and long service life. Reduce operating expenses. 6. The installation space is small and compact. 7. The wetness is high, preventing the filter element from sucking, causing the filter element to be broken down. 8. Flame retardant 9. Sealing performance is reliable 10. Good value for money 11. No metal structure. Conducive to environmental protection, can be reused. Conducive to storage. We are good at supply filters for Fleetguard, Caterpillar, Donaldson, Komatsu, Deutz, Perkins, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Iveco, John Deere, FG wilson, Mann, Kobelco, Parker Racor, Hyundai, JCB, Hengst...

  • How to clean the air filter

    How to clean the air filter


    The air filter is directly related to the engine's air intake problem during driving. If the vehicle is only driving in the city, the air filter will not block, but if the car is driving on a dusty road, it needs Pay special attention to the cleaning problem of the air filter. If the air filter is clogged or the dust is too much, the engine intake will be poor, and a large amount of dust will enter the cylinder, which will accelerate the cylinder carbon deposition speed, make the engine ignite poorly, and the power is insufficient. The fuel consumption of the vehicle will naturally Raise. If you are driving on a normal city road, the air filter should be inspected when the car is driving for 5,000 km. If there is too much dust on the filter, consider using compressed air to blow from the inside of the filter to blow off the dust. . However, the pressure of the compressed air should not be too high to prevent the filter paper from being damaged. Do not use water or oil when cleaning the air filter to prevent the oil from immersing the filter element.

  • Why can't install the filter casually?

    Why can't install the filter casually?


    You can't casual find tool to install your oil filter, or install the oil filter directly with your hand. But in reality, some people will do this, if you do, then it is wrong! Delphi fast repair chain professional maintenance workers said: spin-on machine filter (with iron shell) must not be screwed with tools, can not be screwed too tight! The reasons are as follows: First, can't be too tight The sealing ring will be easily folded due to the installation of the filter too tight, and the gap between the sealing ring and the base will be generated and the oil will leak. Second, you can not use tools casually During the installation process, the tool metal should be prevented from being squeezed into the machine filter shell, and the iron sheet is easily thinned. After the iron sheet is thinned, it is prone to bursting during high temperature and high pressure oil operation, which is very dangerous. Note: It is not uncommon for various well-known brand machine filters to cause machine filter bursting, oil leakage and oil leakage under wrong installation. The times are different, efficiency is king, and safety is emphasized. Even if it is a small machine filter, the professional tools are indispensable, and the standard movement of the car repair can not be ignored. Third, there are two kinds of screwing filter methods: 1. Direct hand; 2. Professional set tool In actual work, there are not many vehicles that can be installed by hand, and most of them use the kit tool, as shown below: (Oil filter set) Fourth, use the standard installation actions: 1. Check if the oil filter has bumps. 2. The oil that is refreshed on the seal ring. 3. Rotate the filter by hand until the filter ring is in contact with the base (that is, when you start pushing). 4. Rotate 3/4 more turns (marked with a dash).

  • The difference between the true and false of the precision automotive filter

    The difference between the true and false of the precision automotive filter


    Precision automotive filters are the most common configuration in air compressor systems and are inexpensive but critical to air compressor systems. China Everlasting Parts Co., Ltd. is a filter manufacturer, including precision automotive filters, oil filters, fuel filters, hydraulic filters, air filters, Fuel water separator, filter cartridges and other products. Regardless of the type of filter, a filter element is required, which is the core of the filter. Precision automotive filters are an important component of air compressors and air purifiers. More and more companies are paying attention to the precision automotive filter industry and are widely welcomed by consumers. At present, the construction of precision automotive filters is generally composed of filter paper and rubber, and the true and false glue is also different. The authentic rubber has a good texture and elasticity, while the fake rubber is soft and has a poor texture. The easier way to distinguish is to fold the filter paper in half. After the loosening, the genuine product will quickly return to its original state, and the counterfeit is not well bonded to the filter paper due to the rubber texture problem.

  • Maintenance knowledge of hydraulic oil filter

    Maintenance knowledge of hydraulic oil filter


    Maintenance of hydraulic oil filter: 1. Before replacing, first remove the original hydraulic oil, check the oil return filter, oil absorption filter, and pilot filter to see if iron, copper scrap or other impurities are attached, and remove impurities and clean them in time.   2. If you need to replace the hydraulic oil filter, you need to replace it all, otherwise it is equivalent to white replacement.   3, to learn to identify the hydraulic oil label, different brands, different brands of hydraulic oil can not be mixed, so as not to affect the use.   3. Install the oil suction filter before refueling to prevent impurities from entering.   5. The general fuel tank has an oil level gauge, which should be added to the standard position when refueling.   When the refueling is completed, pay attention to exhausting the main pump. Otherwise, the whole vehicle cannot be started temporarily, and the main air pump is damaged by the air pocket.

  • The role and installation points of installing the Hydac filter

    The role and installation points of installing the Hydac filter


    The installation of the Hydac filter protects the normal operation of the equipment or the cleanliness of the pipeline. When the fluid enters the filter cartridge with a certain size filter, its impurities are blocked and the cleaned flow passes through the filter. Then there are some points to note when installing the Hydac filter: 1, when installing the Hydac filter, care should be taken to prevent the filter media from being damaged due to shock. Lubricating with silicone oil is required before inserting the Hydac filter holder, so that it can be quickly installed without being stuck. 2, the filter should be installed on the fermenter platform as much as possible to avoid or reduce the influence of the fermentation liquid on the filter element; the impurities in the oil path cannot be effectively filtered. Causes wear and tear on other parts of the equipment. 3, what is needed before installing the Hydac filter is to remove the water and degrease the compressed air, so that the relative humidity is controlled below 70%. 4, the debris in the pipe must be blown off before installing the Hydac filter, so that it can be quickly installed during installation.

  • Caterpillar Fuel Water Separators

    Caterpillar Fuel Water Separators


    Caterpillar Fuel Water Separators are designed to eliminate virtually all free water and 90% emulsified water along with smaller contaminates while helping extend the life of your fuel filter and sophisticated fuel injectors. Injector erosion causes loss of power and increased fuel burn, which is why it's critical to protect your injectors by choosing longer-lasting Cat Fuel Water Separators. Caterpillar Fuel Filter Separator has five attributes below: • Unique filter media provides unsurpassed protection. • Acrylic beads prevent bunching • Spiral roving provides greater pleat stability and maximum dirt holding capability • Nylon center tube prevents metal contamination • Molded end caps prevent leaks Caterpillar fuel filter separator can use many engine and equipment, such as: CAT Engine, Perkins Engine, John Deere Engine, Truck, Excavator, Crane, Bulldozer, Pushdozer, Harvester, Reaper, Forklift, Coach, Pump Truck, Loaders, Generator set, Bus and so on. CAT fuel water separator OEM part number as below: 111-0716 223-0702 117-4089 228-9130 129-0373 233-9856 131-1812 234-7967 133-5673 250-6527 134-6307 256-8753 138-3098 2W-4234 138-3100 308-7298 145-4501 326-1641 146-6695 326-1642 146-6695 326-1643 151-2409 326-1644 156-1200 361-9554 159-6102 382-0664 163-4465 438-5385 1R-0769 438-5386 1R-0770 513-4490 1R-0771 513-4493 205-3043 8N-0205 206-6909 8N-9803 206-6910

  • Application area of Donaldson filter

    Application area of Donaldson filter


    Donaldson has been committed to product development and technological innovation, and has maintained its leading position in the filter industry for many years. Donaldson's filters are used in a wide range of applications, mainly in the following eight areas: 1. Metallurgy: used for filtration of hydraulic systems of rolling mills and continuous casting machines and filtration of various lubrication equipment. 2. Petrochemical: Separation and recovery of products and intermediate products in refining and chemical production processes, purification of liquid purification, tape, optical discs and photographic film in manufacturing, oil injection of well water and natural gas in addition to particle filtration. 3. Textile: Purification and uniform filtration of polyester melt in the drawing process, protection and filtration of air compressor, degreasing and dehydration of compressed gas. 4. Electronics and pharmaceuticals: pre-treatment filtration of reverse osmosis water, deionized water, pretreatment filtration of washing liquid and glucose. 5. Thermal power and nuclear power: gas turbine, boiler lubrication system, speed control system, bypass control system oil purification, feed water pump, fan and dust removal system purification. 6. Machining equipment: lubrication system for papermaking machinery, mining machinery, injection molding machines and large precision machinery and purification of compressed air, dust recovery and filtration of tobacco processing equipment and spraying equipment. 7. Railway internal combustion engine and generator: filtration of lubricating oil and oil. 8. Automobile engines and engineering machinery: various hydraulic oil filters, diesel filters and water filters for air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, construction machinery, ships and trucks for internal combustion engines.

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