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Filters Element Technology

Filters Element Technology

CHINA EVERLASTING PARTS CO., LIMITED provide filters with high quality. And it has the following characteristics: High quality filter paper adhesive with the strong bond strength Bond the filter paper to the end cap effectively, Even they will not break off when the filter is under great pressure.Poor quality filter, The Filter paper glue with Poor adhesion, The sealing performance of the filter core is very poor, when the filter is under pressure, it will lead to crack. The impurity particles pass through the gap between the filter paper and the end cap Cause the filter without any filtration efficacy...

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2008.6 ——Company was founded in China

2009.8 ——Factory was founded in Wenzhou

2010 ——Export Branch Office was Opened in XIAMEN City

2012 ——Attend Shanghai Frankfurt exhibition

2014 ——"RUIQIAN" was Registered

2015 ——More than 300 Customers from about 50 Countries

2016 ——"AYREST" was Registered

2016 ——Attend Moscow Frankfurt exhibition

2017 ——Plant more to new Build, More than 5000 Square Meter


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