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Fuel Filter AR86745 FF5051 FF236 AR86755 FF203 11-7264 11-6285

Fuel Filter AR86745 FF5051 FF236 AR86755 FF203 11-7264 11-6285

Fuel Filter AR86745 FF5051 FF236 AR86755 FF203 11-7264 11-6285 Fleetguard FF5051 HIFI SN5051,Baldwin BF855,CAT 3I1225,Donaldson P550955,Fram P3768,Luberfiner LFF1005,Napa 3130,Onan 149-1758,Purolator F53193,Wix 33130 Fleetguard FF236 HIFI SN1236,Baldwin BF806,Caterpillar 9Y-4416,Donaldson P550888,P552387,P779307,Fram P3500,Luberfiner FP888,Napa 3063,Onan 149-2513,Purolator F50033,Wix 33063 John Deere AR86755 AC Delco TP1049,HIFI SN1205,Agco 71367686,Baldwin BF912,Case IHC 548348C1,548348-C1,Caterpillar 3I1412,6N-7617,8N-9803,9Y-4445,Donaldson FFP559803,P559803,Fleetguard FS1205,Fram PS3602 PS3607,Luberfiner LFF1131,Mann 6670055100 WK13002,Massey Ferguson 1048547M91 1048547-M91,Napa 3369,Wix 33369,Woodgate WGFS1205 Fleetguard FF203 Baldwin BF909,Case IHC 1959802C1 1959802-C1,Caterpillar 3I1233 3I-1233 9Y4423,Donaldson FFP551130 P551130 P779297,Fram P1130 P1130A,Hengst H162WK,Hifi SN203,Ingersoll Rand 35308048,John Deere AR50041 AR50141 R16951,Kohler 223414,Kubota 7000014663 70000-14663,Mann 6670355100 WK13001,Napa 3370,Onan 1491754 149-1754,Purolator F50147 F53156 P147 PFC3156,Renault 6005009417,Sofima S4328NC SFFF8786,Wix 33370,33370MP,Woodgate WGF203 Thermoking 11-7264 Baldwin 50005306,BF7580,Donaldson P557264,Fleetguard FF5275,Fram PA7569A,PS7569,PS7569A,PS7576,Luberfiner L7264F,L7264F1,L7264F-1,Napa 3543,Stanadyne 31756,Thermoking 117264,11-7264,127264,12-7264,NOV64,Wix33543,Woodgate WGF5275 Thermoking 11-6285 Baldwin BF7579,Donaldson P556285,Fleetguard FF5276,Fleetrite FFR85276,Fram P7678, P7678A,Kralinator F3544,Luberfiner L6285F,L6285F1,L6285F-1,Napa 3544 Purolator F55188,SF Schupp SK 3637,SK3637,Thermoking 116285,11-6285,126285,12-6285,NOV85, Wix 33544,Woodgate WGF5276 John Deere AR86745 AC Delco TP1149,Allis Chalmers 4036432,71367687,Baldwin BF959,Caterpillar 3I1343,Coopers Fiaam FEM4032,Donaldson FFP556745,P556745,Fiat 74036432,Fleetguard FF5045,Fleetrite FFR85045,Fram P3815,P3815A,Hengst H286WK,Ingersoll Rand 36889657, John Deere AR86745,R27091,RE10104,RE27091,RE57073,Kohler 223953,Kralinator F756,Luberfiner AF550,LFF1129,Mann 1021754S01,WK8106,Napa 3371,3375,Onan 1491802,149-1802,SF Schupp SK 3567,SK 3569/67,SK 356967,SK3567,SK3569/67,SK356967, Stanadyne 22072,22177,22221,24336,26583,26654,26663,26667,Timberjack 416257,841625700,TRP 1535404,Vapormatic VPD6023,Vauxhall GM 25012899,Wix 33371,33375,Woodgate WGF5045

  • Separ SWK2000 range of fuel filter/water separators

    Separ SWK2000 range of fuel filter/water separators


    Separ SWK2000 range of fuel filter/water separators In 1992 the SEPAR 2000 Series of fuel filters was released. This range is as an effective system for the separation of water and particulate from fuel. This is vital as both water and particulate matter can result in high wear and tear of fuel pumps and injectors,resulting in reduced reliability and expensive engine repairs. The separation and filtration process takes place in a new, unique and patented procedure, which is applied throughout all of the range. The SEPAR 2000 series is especially effective due its small physical size in relation to the effective flow rate. The SEPAR 2000 should be installed on the suction side of the fuel system, between the fuel tank and the lift pump. The fuel cleaning process: fuel enters the filter through either port A or B depending which is more convenient for installation and using the plug provided to seal off the unused port.  Replacement elements SWK2000/5 range: 10 micron - 00510 (paper) 30 micron - 00530 (paper) 60 micron - 00560-s (stainless steel - washable) Replacement elements SWK2000/5/50 range: 10 micron - 00510/50 (paper) 30 micron - 00530/50 (paper) 60 micron - 00560/50s (stainless steel - washable) Replacement Seal and Gasket Kit: Part Number : 10527 Separ SWK2000/10  Replacement elements: 10 micron - 01010 (paper) 30 micron - 01030 (paper) 60 micron - 01060s (stainless steel - washable) Replacement Seal and Gasket Kit: Part Number : 10528 Separ SWK2000/18 Replacement elements: 10 micron - 01810 (paper) 30 micron - 01830 (paper) 60 micron - 01860s (stainless steel - washable) Replacement Seal and Gasket Kit: Part Number : 30979 Separ SWK2000/40 Replacement elements (2 required for double unit): 10 micron - 04010 (paper) 30 micron - 04030 (paper) 60 micron - 04060s (stainless steel - washable) Replacement Seal and Gasket Kit (2 required for double unit): Part Number : 30980 Separ SWK2000/130 Replacement elements: 10 micron - 4x 01810 (paper) 30 micron - 4x 01830 (paper) 60 micron - 4x 01860s (stainless steel - washable) Replacement Seal and Gasket Kit: Part Number : 30993

  • Many kind currency we can receive from foreign

    Many kind currency we can receive from foreign


    How to pay US? 1:T/T 2:Western union 3:Paypal 4:L/C What currency can receive? 1:USD 2:EURO 3:CNY 4:RUB 5:HKD 6:AUD 7:GBP 8:JPY 9:KRW 10:CAD 11:NZD 12:SGD 13:CHF 14:DKK 15:SEK 16:NOK

  • Guidelines for Remittance Settlement in Russia

    Guidelines for Remittance Settlement in Russia


    Due to the recent changes in the international situation, our customers who do business with Russia have encountered a lot of inconvenience in payment. Through the expansion of overseas correspondent banks, our bank has established correspondent clearing relationships with three local Russian banks, Transkapital Bank, Solidarnost Bank and Levoberezhny Bank. In order to alleviate the resistance brought by sanctions to customers' remittance and further improve our service capability, our bank and Russian correspondent bank integrated each other's clearing network and created a special channel for Russian remittance. Inward Remittance If a customer of our bank has inward remittance business from Russia, we can guide the customer to communicate with the remitter whether they have an account in the above three banks. effectiveness. If the Russian remitter does not open an account with the above three banks, but the account is opened by the domestic correspondent bank of Transkapital Bank, he can still settle to our bank through the inward remittance route of Transkapital Bank. Welcome Russina Customers place order, we can cooperate normal. WhatsApp/Wechat/Viber: +86 18965520297 Email: Sales@filters-king.com 

  • Air Compressor Filter Wooden Case Packing

    Air Compressor Filter Wooden Case Packing


    Wooden Case Packing of Fuel Filter,Oil Filter,Air Filter,Air Oil Separator for Air Compressor Can protect filters during transport. We also good at supplying filters for Atlas Copco,Ingersoll Rand,Sullair,Kaeser,Comp-Air.... Any Air Compressor need welcome Inquiry WhatsApp/Wechat/Viber: +86 18965520297 Email: Sales@filters-king.com

  • Happy New Year 2022

    Happy New Year 2022


    Dear Browser   Happy New Year 2022!   Thanks for your friendship and keen support in 2021. Also, let's do our best for mutual benefit in 2022.   Wish you and family a joyful, bright, healthy,  prosperous and happiest New Year ahead!   Thanks again!  Long Holiday Notice: We will meet China New Year Holiday in January end 2022. Our all workers have to back to their Hometown for this important Holiday. So our factory and warehouse have to stop 1 month every year. We cannot ready new order from 15th, JAN 2022 to 15th, FEB, 2022.  But I can service you online and can receive new orders during this long holiday, we will begin to ready according to new order paid date after our holiday. Please noted. WhatsApp/Wechat/Viber: +86 18965520297 Email: Sales@filters-king.com  

  • What filters have to change when maintain CAT 3516 generator?

    What filters have to change when maintain CAT 3516 generator?


    What filters have to change when we maintain the Diesel Generator with Caterpillar CAT 3516 engine? We have to change the below filter and quantity: 2pcs Outer air filter 8N-6309 2pcs Inner air filter element 8N-2556 5pcs Fuel Filter 1R-0756 3pcs Oil Filter 1R-0726 The Fuel Filter 1R-0756 are install the assembly housing with 5pcs together. The Oil Filter 1R-0726 are install into the housing with 3pcs together,we have to change the 3pcs together and change the new oil too. That is importat to change the filter and oil when meet the maintain time, that can protect the engine well. The filter quality is very import, the low filtration efficiency filter reduce little maintain cost, but will short engine life. The Caterpillar Quality standard filter can protect engine well and long engine life. The 1R-0756 AND 1R-0726 Caterpillar Technology as below: Non-Metallic Center Tube(Maximum System Protection) Spiral Roving(Effective Filtration-ensure that pleats do not flex,putting an end to pleat movement) Molded End Caps(No-Leak Bond--Virtually Eliminate Contaminants from entering the system with one piece,molded polyurethane end caps) Acrylic beads(Maximum Dirt Holding Capacity-Help prevent pleat bunching,a common problem experienced by virtually all other filters) Inject Glue. We are good at supplying high quailty filter and the same technolog as genuine Caterpillar standard, Any need welcomne contact with us. WhatsApp/Wechat/Viber: +86 18965520297 Email: Sales@filters-king.com

  • Perkins New Filter 5576099 4770550 4650996 4587260

    Perkins New Filter 5576099 4770550 4650996 4587260


    We are good at supplying filters for Perkins, The same Specification and Technology with Competitive price. 5576099 Air Filter Element,4770550 Fuel Water Separtor,4650996 Fuel Filter,4587260 Oil Fitler welcome inquiry and order. WhatsApp/Wechat/Viber: +8618965520297                              Email: Sales@filters-king.com 5576099 Air Filter Element 4770550 Fuel Water Separtor  1100 Series/4.236 Series External diameter (in) 4.2 External diameter (mm) 106.4 Integrated water trap false Length (in) 10.9 Length (mm) 278 Primary or Secondary Primary Type Spin-on 4650996 Fuel Filter 1100 Series External diameter (in) 3.6 External diameter (mm) 92.1 Integrated water trap false Length (in) 10.5 Length (mm) 266 Primary or Secondary Secondary Type Spin-on 4587260 Oil Fitler 10000-71731

  • LF17535 FS53041NN FS36279 Fleetguard Equivalent Filter

    LF17535 FS53041NN FS36279 Fleetguard Equivalent Filter


    LF17535 FS53041NN FS36279 are Fleetguard Filter We can produce the Cross Reference to LF17535 FS53041NN FS36279 FS53041NN Fuel/Water Separator Cross Reference CUMMINS 3694652,Fleetguard FS5304100MX NN,FS5304100MXNN FS53041NN Attributes: Overall Height 318.5 mm (12.539 inch) Largest OD 111 mm (4.37 inch) Gasket OD 102 mm (4.016 inch) Thread Pitch 1.5 mm (.059 inch) Thread Diameter 28 mm (1.102 inch) Thread Class 6H Thread Form Metric Emulsified Water Separation 95.0 FS36279 Fuel/Water Separator LF17535 Lube Filter CUMMINS 5399594 Attributes Overall Height 176.7 mm (6.957 inch) Largest OD 93.5 mm (3.681 inch) Gasket OD 72 mm (2.835 inch) Thread Pitch 2 mm (.079 inch) Thread Diameter 27 mm (1.063 inch) Thread Class 6H Thread Form Metric

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