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  • Air Filter 529-0132

    Air Filter 529-0132 5290132 For Caterpillar

    The Air Filter 529-0132 5290132 Application For Caterpillar Forest Products(538),Material Handler(MH3022 MH3024 MH3026),Track-Type Skidder(527),Excavator(320D2 320D2 GC 320D2 L 320E L 320E 320E LN 320E LRR 320E RR 320F L 323D2 323D2 L 323E L 323E LN 323E SA 323F 323F L),Pipelayer(PL61),Track-Type Loader(953K 963K),Track-Type Tractor(D4 D5R2 D6K D6K2 D6K2 LGP D6K2 XL D6N D6N LGP D6N XL).

  • Air Filter 528-7222

    Air Filter 528-7222 5287222 For Caterpillar

    The Air Filter 528-7222 5287222 Application For Caterpillar Forest Products(538),Material Handler(MH3022 MH3024 MH3026),Track-Type Skidder(527),Excavator(320D2 320D2 GC 320D2 L 320E L 320E 320E LN 320E LRR 320E RR 320F L 323D2 323D2 L 323E L 323E LN 323E SA 323F 323F L).

  • Air Filter AF335M

    Air Filter AF335M PA1634 P181104 45740-70210 A-5509

    The Air Filter AF335M Cross Reference PA1634 P181104 45740-70210 A-5509,Application For Caterpillar 12. 12. 12. 12. 120. 120. 120. 120. 120. 120. 120. 120. 120(3306 eng). 120-10R1, 22R1. 120-13U1. 120-14K1. 120-64U1. 120B. 120B(3306 eng).Towmotor V160; V180; V200; V225; V250; V300; V330. V160B; V180B; V200B; V225B; V250B; V300B. Wagner ST5AS(Caterpillar 3306 eng)

  • Fuel Water Separator 4794134

    Fuel Water Separator 4794134 479-4133 SN40712 SK48602/1

    The Fuel Water Separator 4794134 Perkins Cross Reference 479-4133 SN40712 SK48602/1.

  • Fuel Filter Water Separator 771000FH

    Fuel Filter Water Separator 771000FH 771000FH30Micron

    The Fuel Filter Water Separator 771000FH 771000FH30Micron Replacement Element 2020PM 2020SM 2020TM.

  • Fuel Water Separator 65.12503-5018A

    Fuel Water Separator 65.12503-5018A 65125035018A BF1214 P558000 FS1214 LFF8030

    The Fuel Water Separator 65.12503-5018A Cross Reference BF1214 P558000 FS1214 LFF8030,Application For Driltech D40K(Caterpillar 3208 eng). Volvo FE42(Caterpillar 3116 eng).


LF17535 FS53041NN FS36279 Fleetguard Equivalent Filter

LF17535 FS53041NN FS36279 Fleetguard Equivalent Filter

LF17535 FS53041NN FS36279 are Fleetguard Filter We can produce the Cross Reference to LF17535 FS53041NN FS36279 FS53041NN Fuel/Water Separator Cross Reference CUMMINS 3694652,Fleetguard FS5304100MX NN,FS5304100MXNN FS53041NN Attributes: Overall Height 318.5 mm (12.539 inch) Largest OD 111 mm (4.37 inch) Gasket OD 102 mm (4.016 inch) Thread Pitch 1.5 mm (.059 inch) Thread Diameter 28 mm (1.102 inch) Thread Class 6H Thread Form Metric Emulsified Water Separation 95.0 FS36279 Fuel/Water Separator LF17535 Lube Filter CUMMINS 5399594 Attributes Overall Height 176.7 mm (6.957 inch) Largest OD 93.5 mm (3.681 inch) Gasket OD 72 mm (2.835 inch) Thread Pitch 2 mm (.079 inch) Thread Diameter 27 mm (1.063 inch) Thread Class 6H Thread Form Metric

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