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Three elements that directly affect the service life of hydraulic oil filters

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Three elements that directly affect the service life of hydraulic oil filters

The three factors that directly affect the service life of the hydraulic oil filter, the service life of the filter element in the hydraulic system is an important problem of the actual hydraulic system, especially in the case of high pollution conditions, the failure of the filter element and the resulting hydraulic system The fault is particularly prominent.

There are three main factors that affect the life of a hydraulic filter:

First, hydraulic oil filter filtration performance

Filtration Accuracy: Filtration accuracy refers to the ability of the filter material to filter out particulate contaminants of different sizes. It is generally considered that the filtration precision is high and the life of the filter element is short.

Second, the amount of pollution

The amount of pollutants refers to the weight of particles contaminated by the filter material per unit area when the pressure drop of the filter material reaches a specified amount during the test. The filter element hole is easily retained by the accumulation of particulate contaminants through the channel, so that the pressure difference is increased, and when the pressure difference reaches the specified maximum limit value, the service life is terminated.

The most direct parameter of the end of the filter life is that the pressure difference between the upstream and the downstream of the filter element reaches the pressure at which the bypass valve is opened. At this time, the dirt holding capacity of the filter element also reaches the maximum value. If the filter element is designed and manufactured, consider increasing the filter element. The ability to foul, that is, to improve the life of the filter.

1, wave height, wave number and filter area

Under the premise that the outer dimensions of the filter element have been determined! Change the wave height, wave number and other process parameters to increase the effective filter area ofthe filter material as much as possible, which can reduce the flux of the unit filter surface and increase the dirt absorption of the whole filter element, and improve the filter life. By increasing the filter area ofthe filter element, the life of the filter element increases more often. If the wave number increases too much, the crowded folding wave will reduce the flow space of the hydraulic oil between the wave and the wave, so that the pressure difference of the filter element increases! The time difference of the differential pressure alarm is short and the life is reduced. It is generally preferred to keep the wave spacing between 1.5 and 2.5 mm.

2, the strength of the support network

It is very important that the wire mesh of the inner and outer layers in the filter element structure has a certain strength. The wire mesh maintains the pleat shape to prevent bending and supports the filter material to prevent fatigue failure.

Third, the pollution status of the hydraulic fluid during the use of the filter element

After the filter element is manufactured, its nominal service life has been determined by itself, but more importantly, how the user uses the hydraulic filter element. Installation and proper use of the hydraulic filter filter play a role in controlling the pollution of the hydraulic components. The service life of the filter (filter element) and the original cost of the filter element determine the economics of the user. The improvement of the filter life is not only the filter design and manufacturer, but also the user of the filter element. Hydraulic oil is considered in terms of contaminated channels, hydraulic system conditions, filter performance and process manufacturing parameters to improve filter life.


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