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Filter requirements for filters

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Filter PL420 can't replace filters PL421

Filter PL420 can't replace filters PL421

In the past, the PL420 was used as the first primary filter for the fuel tank girders. There is no pressure. The common rail is pressurized, and the PL420 is under negative pressure. Before the appearance of the electronic pressure pump, the transparent cup is very safe, there is no pressure damage to the transparent cup, but with the advent of the electronic pressure pump, the engine's two coarse filters change from negative pressure to 4 positive pressures or even greater pressure. The old-fashioned PL420 transparent cup has the risk of oil leakage. Some OEMs changed the PL420 on the engine to the PL421 without a cup. However, some OEMs did not consider this problem. They still loaded the PL420. (There are now Delong) there are design risks. It is recommended to use the filter PL421 for models equipped with an electronic pump. Filters PL420 and PL421, we can provide, if you need, please feel free to contact us.

Filter requirements for filters

A good and reliable filter has very high filtration requirements:

1. High filtration accuracy: Filter out all the larger particles (>1 - 2 um)

2. High filtration efficiency: reduce the amount of particles passing through the filter.

3. Prevent early wear on the engine. Prevent damage to the air flow meter!

4. The pressure difference is low to ensure that the engine has the best air-fuel ratio. Reduce filtration losses.

5. Large filtration area, high ash content and long service life. Reduce operating expenses.

6. The installation space is small and compact.

7. The wetness is high, preventing the filter element from sucking, causing the filter element to be broken down.

8. Flame retardant

9. Sealing performance is reliable

10. Good value for money

11. No metal structure. Conducive to environmental protection, can be reused. Conducive to storage.

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