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Filter filter material structure

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  • Fleetguard oil filter LF3801

    Fleetguard oil filter LF3801 LF3511 replacement

    The Fleetguard Oil Filter LF3801 is equivalent to Fleetguard LF3511, Donaldson P550379... Part Number:LF3801 Part Name:Oil Filter Replace Brand:Fleetguard

  • oil filter LF3709

    Fleetguard oil filter LF3709 replacement

    The Fleetguard Oil Filter LF3709 is equivalent to Hino 15607-1340 15607-1341 15607-1580 15607-2160 17902-1030 17902-1040 S156072160 O620J AY11-0H-D503 O1311 O-620, Baldwin P7185, Donaldson P502191. Part Number:LF3709 Part Name:Oil Filter Replace Brand:Fleetguard

  • Oil Filter JX1023

    Yuchai Oil Filter JX1023

    The Yuchai Oil Filter JX1023 is equivalent to Fleetguard LF16063, Baldwin B7482, Yuchai Watyuan L30001012020, 4301012020A. Part Number:JX1023 Part Name:Oil Filter Replace Brand:Yuchai

  • fuel filter FF5300

    fuel filter FF5300 P502143 34462-00300 FC1007 cross reference

    The Fleetguard Fuel Filter FF5300 is equivalent to Donaldson P502143, Baldwin BF1110, Mitsubishi 34462-00300... Part Number:FF5300 Part Name:Fuel Filter Replace Brand:Fleetguard

  • fuel filter FF5121

    fuel filter FF5121 Hitachi 4143271 Hino 23401-1020 cross reference

    The Fleetguard Fuel Filter FF5121 is equivalent to Baldwin PF7572, Donaldson P550392, Hitachi 4143271, Hino 23401-1020, 23401-1020A, 23401-1021 23401-1080, 23401-1090, 23401-1150, 23401-1151. Part Number:FF5121 Part Name:Fuel Filter Replace Brand:Fleetguard

  • air filter AF25558

    air filter AF25558 fit CUMMINS engine

    The Fleetguard Air Filter AF25558 is equivalent to Caterpillar 110-6331, Donaldson P829333, New Holland 87682999,86982525, John Deere AT171854... Part Number:AF25558 Part Name:Air Filter Replace Brand:Fleetguard


Replace oil and oil filter steps

Replace oil and oil filter steps

1 Run the machine to warm up, stop and close the air outlet valve, and unscrew the fuel plug one turn to let the system relieve pressure. 2 Open the drain valve and drain the oil. After draining the oil, close the valve and transport the oil to the local waste oil treatment center. 3 Remove the oil filter. 4 Clean the oil filter holder, add lubricant to the gasket of the new oil filter, and tighten the oil filter by hand. 5 Remove the filler plug and refuel until the oil level reaches the plug. Retighten the filler plug. 6 Run the machine for a few minutes, stop, and wait a few minutes for the oil level to stabilize. Allow the system to relieve pressure by unscrewing the filler plug. Refuel until the oil level reaches the request and tighten the screw plug.

Filter filter material structure

The structure of the filter material can be divided into two types: surface type and depth type.

(1) surface type

The surface type filter material is a fine filter mesh woven with a wire, and is also used in other forms such as wire winding. The filtration accuracy is determined by the size of the woven holes or the size of the wire gap. Any particles larger than the size or clearance of the aperture can not pass through just the ideal state, which is not practical in practice. The woven filter or wire is wound into a filter element having the same size of pores, and its filtering action only occurs on the surface of the filter screen, so it is called surface type filtration. As the dirt accumulates on the surface of the screen, its pores are constantly blocked, so that the pressure drop is gradually increased; the filtration efficiency is also lowered because the particles trapped in the mesh may be squeezed out of the mesh at any time. If it is desired to control the pressure drop within a certain range, the filter element should have a sufficiently large filtration area. This filter element can be reused after cleaning.

(2) Deep filter media

The deep filter media is made of fiber papermaking and has a certain thickness of filter media. The properties of this filter are quite different from those of surface type filtration. Its shape of the eyelet, the size is irregular, uneven, and the inner part is complicated by bending and twisting. Its filtering effect occurs not only on the surface of the filter medium but also in the depth of the filter medium, so it is called depth type filtration. Since the filter medium has a certain thickness and the passage is in all directions, its dirt holding capacity is much larger than that of the surface type filter, and the pressure drop is also much lower than that of the surface type filter. In addition, because of its wide range of pore size distribution, it can also filter out a large number of fine particles.


For the depth filter, the fiber diameter constituting the filter medium has a direct influence on the filtration efficiency and other properties. A filter layer made of a relatively small diameter fiber can form more through holes in a unit area, and can also form more channels in the interior. Therefore, its filtration efficiency and dirt holding capacity are higher than those of the coarser fiber. For the same reason, its pressure drop is also smaller than the latter. Therefore, the filter element made of fine fiber has a long working life.


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