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Air Filter 901-047 RS3542 8-97231900-0 C14202/1 YT11P00009S002

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Air Filter 901-047 RS3542 8-97231900-0 C14202/1 YT11P00009S002

The Air Filter 901-047 Cross Reference RS3542 8-97231900-0 C14202/1 YT11P00009S002,Application For Caterpillar 216B(Caterpillar 3024C eng). 216B-2004/01(Caterpillar 3024C 37kW 50hp E4; E5 eng). Hitachi W50; W60; W70(Perkins 704.30 eng). Zaxis | 75US-3; ZX75US-3(Isuzu 4LE2X eng). Kobelco 70SR(Isuzu A-4JB1 eng). 80CS(Isuzu A-4JB1T eng).
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Air Filter 901-047 RS3542 8-97231900-0 C14202/1 YT11P00009S002

Air Filter 901-047 Parameter:
Part Number
Parts Name
Air Filter
FG Wilson
Overall Height
328 mm
Outer Diameter
135 mm
Inner Diameter
83 mm

Air Filter 901-047 Cross Reference:
Atlas Copco 1310033926, 1310-0339-26, 1310034889, 1310-0348-89, 2991546
Baldwin RS3542
Caterpillar 1232367, 123-2367, 1547108, 154-7108, 1985314, 198-5314, 2310167, 231-0167, 3I0096, 3I-0096
Donaldson FPG070017, FPG070018, FPG070019, FPG070020, FPG070059, FPG070059, FPG070060, G070017, G070018, G070019, G070020, G070059, G070060, P772579, P774574, P775827, P776156, P776715, P776914, P777494, P777498, P783498, P827653
FG Wilson 1000051238, 10000-51238
Fleetguard 0.010.2095.0, 001020950, AF25291, AF25526, AF25555, AF25588, AH19091, AH19092, AH19093, AH19094
Hitachi 4684349, 72180341
Ingersoll Rand 35393685, 85400679
Isuzu 8972319000, 8-97231900-0
JCB 32/919001, 32919000, 32919001
John Deere AN114637, AP3330, AP33330, KV16428, KV26904, PE71011292, RE508449
Kobelco YT11P00009S002
Komatsu 12993512520, 129935-12520, 21W01R9250, 21W-01-R9250, 42U01H0P02, 42U-01-H0P02, 42U01HOP02, 42U-01-HOP02, 6001852200, 600-185-2200, 6001852210, 600-185-2210, 848101146
Lister Petter 366.08109, 36608109, 366-08109, 36608133, 366-08133
Mann 4520257114, C14200/1, C142001, C14202/1, C14202/2, C142021, C142022, C14210/2, C142102
New Holland 47135972, 5080756, 5176855, 86982522
Perkins 26510332, 26510337
Sakura A7003, A-7003, A8506, A-8506, A8624, A-8624, A8626S, A-8626-S
UFI 27.429.00, 2742900
Volvo 11711497, 14542155

Atlas Copco AR32C-1991/01(Lombardini LDW1204 20kW 27hp eng). Ausa CH250(Kubota V2003-T eng). CH320. GVH25(Isuzu 4cyl eng). Benford PS6000. TS6000. Bobcat Melroe 337. 337(Kubota V2003 eng). 341. 341(Kubota V2003 eng). 435. 435; 435ZHS(Kubota V2203 eng). 8300. 863. 863. 863(Deutz BF4M1011F eng). 863; 863G; 864; 864G(Deutz BF4M1011F eng). 863; 863H(Isuzu 4JB1 eng). 863G. 863H(Deutz BF4M1011F eng). 864. 864(Kubota BF4M1011F eng). 864G. 873(Deutz BF4M1011F 54kW 73hp eng). 873(Kubota BF4M1011F eng). 873; 873G; 873H; 883; 883G(Deutz BF4M1011F eng). 873G. 883. A220. A220(Deutz BF4M1011F eng). A300. A300(Deutz BF4M1011F eng). E42(Kubota V2403-M-DI-E3B-BC-5 31kW 42hp eng). E42; E45; E50. E45(Kubota V2403-M-DI-E3B-BC-5 31kW 42hp eng). E50(Kubota V2403-M-D1-TE3B-BC-4 36kW 49hp eng). S250. S250(Deutz BF4M1011F eng). T200. T200(Deutz BF4M1011F eng). X435. Case IHC 121D(Deutz F4M2011 eng). 121E(432T; 432M2 eng). 121E(Deutz F4M2011 eng). 1840(4-390 eng). 1845C(4-390 eng). 21D. 21E(432T; 432M2 eng). 21E(Deutz F4M2011 eng). 221D(Deutz F4M2011 eng). 221D(Perkins eng). 221D(Perkins 700 2.9L eng). 221E(432T; 432M2 eng). 221E(Deutz F4M2011 eng). 321D(Deutz BF4M2011 eng). 321D(Perkins 1004.42 eng). 321E(432T; 432M2 eng). 321E(Deutz BF4M2011 eng). 321E-2008/01(Iveco F5CE5454B 61kW 83hp eng). 40XT. 40XT; 60XT; 70XT(4-390 eng). 410. 410(422; 422M2 eng). 420; 420CT(422T; 422M2 eng). 420CT-2006/01. 420CT-MkIII-2008/01. 430(445; 445M2 eng). 435(334T; 334M2 eng). 440; 445(445T; 445M2 eng). 445CT(445T; 445M2 eng). 580M-MkII(445T 4.5L eng). 580N(E3 eng). 60XT(Case 4-390 65hp eng). 75XT(Case 4-390 eng). 75XT; 85XT(4-390 eng). 85XT(Case 4-390 eng). SR130(420; 420M3 eng). SR130-2011/01(ISM-420-M3 34kW 46hp eng). SR150(420T; 420M3 eng). SR175(422T; 422M3 eng). SR175-2011/01(44kW 60hp eng). SV185(422T; 422M3 eng).

Caterpillar 216B(Caterpillar 3024C eng). 216B-2004/01(Caterpillar 3024C 37kW 50hp E4; E5 eng). 216B3(C2.2 eng). 226B(3024CT eng). 226B-2004/01(Caterpillar 3024CT 43kW 59hp E4; E5 eng). 226B3(C2.2 eng). 232B(3024CT eng). 232B-2004/01(Caterpillar 3024C 37kW 50hp E4; E5 eng). 242B(3024CT eng). 242B-2004/01(Caterpillar 3024C 43kW 59hp E4; E5 eng). 247B(3024CT eng). 247B-2004/01(Caterpillar 3024CT 43kW 59hp E4; E5 eng). 247B3(C2.2 eng). 24H(3412E eng). 24H-1996/01(Caterpillar 3412E-HEUI 373kW 509hp E4; E5 eng). 257B(3024CT eng). 257B-2004/01(Caterpillar 3024CT 43kW 59hp E4; E5 eng). 3054. 3054C. 3054C. 621H(C13 eng). 623H(C13 eng). 627H(C13 eng). 793F; 793F-XQ(C175-16 eng). 793F-AC(C175-16 eng). 795F-AC(C175-16 eng). 797F(C175-20 eng). C4.4. C4.4. D10T(Caterpillar C27ACERT 433kW 580hp E4; E5 eng). D11T(C32 eng). D11T-AMA, JEL, JNS, MDG(C32 eng). D11TCD(Caterpillar C32ACERT 634kW 850hp E4; E5 eng). D7E(C 9.3L eng). D8T(C15 eng). D9T(C18 eng). D9T-RJS1263(C18 eng). Claas Dionis | 110-3235(Deutz F3L912 38kW 52hp eng). Dionis | 120-2003/01-3285(Deutz F3L912 41kW 56hp E2 eng). Dionis | 120-3285(E1 eng). Dionis | 130-2003/01-3255(Deutz F4L912 52kW 70hp E2 eng). Dionis | 130-3255(E1 eng). Dionis | 140-2003/01-3275(Deutz F4L913 57kW 77hp E2 eng). Dionis | 140-3275(E1 eng). Fructus | 110-3246-2003/01(38kW 52hp eng). Fructus | 120-3286; 3288(E2 eng). Fructus | 120-3286; 3288-2003/01(Deutz F3L912 41kW 56hp eng). Fructus | 130-3266; 3268-2003/01(Deutz F4L912 52kW 70hp eng). Fructus | 130-3286; 3288(E2 eng). Fructus | 140-3276; 3278(E2 eng). Fructus | 140-3276; 3278-2003/01(Deutz F4L913 57kW 77hp eng). Nectis | 217(NEF 40kW 54hp eng). Nectis | 217VE-9511; 9212-A12(NEF 42kW 57hp eng). Nectis | 217VL-9611; 9612-A13(NEF 40kW 54hp eng). Nectis | 227(NEF 49kW 66hp eng). Nectis | 227F-A14-9721; 9722(NEF 50kW 68hp eng). Nectis | 227VE-A12-9521; 9522(NEF 50kW 68hp eng). Nectis | 227VL-A13-9621; 9622(NEF 50kW 68hp eng). Nectis | 237(NEF 57kW 77hp eng). Nectis | 237VE-A12-9531; 9532(NEF 58kW 79hp eng). Nectis | 237-VL9632 A13(NEF 58kW 79hp eng). Pales | 210-3221; 3222(Deutz F3L912 38kW 52hp eng). Pales | 220-2003/01(Deutz F3L912 41kW 56hp eng). Pales | 220-3221; 3222(E2 eng). Pales | 230-3241; 3242(E2 eng). Pales | 230-3241; 3242-2003/01(Deutz F4L912 52kW 70hp eng). Pales | 240-3272(E2 eng). Pales | 240-3272-2003/01(Deutz F4L913 57kW 77hp eng).

Deutz AG Fahr KHD Agrokid | 210(Mitsubishi S4LY-162ST 26kW 35hp eng). Agrokid | 210-COM3-2010/01(Mitsubishi E3 eng). Agrokid | 220-2008/01(Mitsubishi S4LY-1T62ST 30kW 41hp eng). Agrokid | 220-COM3-2010/01(Mitsubishi E3 eng). Agrokid | 230-2008/01(Mitsubishi S4L2-T 35kW 47hp eng). Agrokid | 230-COM3-2010/01(Mitsubishi E3 eng). Agrokid | 25A-1997/01(Mitsubishi K3F-D 18kW 25hp eng). Agrokid | 30-2003/01(Mitsubishi S4L-61ST 26kW 35hp eng). Agrokid | 30A-2003/01(Mitsubishi K4F-D 24kW 33hp eng). Agrokid | 35(35kW 48hp eng). Agrokid | 35A-1997/01(Mitsubishi S4L6-1ST 26kW 35hp eng). Agrokid | 40-2003/01(Mitsubishi S4L-T61ST 30kW 41hp eng). Agrokid | 40A-2003/01(Mitsubishi K4F-D 29kW 40hp eng). Agrokid | 45-1997/01(Mitsubishi K4F-D 31kW 42hp eng). Agrokid | 50-2003/01(Mitsubishi S4L2-T61ST 35kW 48hp eng). Agrokid | 55. Agrokid | 55(35kW 48hp eng). Agrolux | 4.75-2010/01(Perkins 1000.4W4 54kW 73hp eng). Agrolux | 4.75E-2010/01(Perkins 1000.4W4 eng). Agrolux | 4.80(1000.4W 54kW 73hp E1 eng). Agrolux | 4.80E. Agrolux | 45E. Agrolux | 50(1000.3W 33kW 45hp E1 eng). Agrolux | 50-COM3. Agrolux | 50E-2010/01(Perkins 1000.3-WTI3E1 eng). Agrolux | 55E. Agrolux | 60; 60A-2001/01(F3L913 44kW 60hp eng). Agrolux | 60E-2010/01(Perkins 1000.3W3 eng). Agrolux | 70; 70A-2001/01(F4L913 52kW 70hp eng). Agrolux | 70E-2010/01(Perkins 1000.3-WTI3E1 eng). Agrolux | F50. Agrolux | F60. Agromaxx | 60. Agromaxx | 60HD. Agroplus | 60; 60A-1997/01(F3L913 44kW 60hp eng). Dynapac PL350S(Cummins B3.3 eng). Fendt Farmer | 206; 207(Deutz F3L914 eng). Farmer | 206F; 206FA; 206V; 206VA-T210-2002/01(Deutz F3L914 44kW 60hp eng). Farmer | 206S-2003/01(Deutz F3L914 44kW 60hp eng). Farmer | 207F; 207FA; 207V; 207VA-T212-2002/01(Deutz F3L914 51kW 70hp eng). Farmer | 207S-2003/01(Deutz F3L914 51kW 70hp eng). Farmer | 208; 209(Deutz F4L914 eng). Farmer | 208FA; 208P; 208PA; 208V; 208VA-T213; T221-2002/01(Deutz F4L914 63kW 86hp eng). Farmer | 208S-2003/01(Deutz F4L914 59kW 80hp eng). Farmer | 209F; 209FA; 209P; 209PA; 209V; 209VA-T214; T222-2002/01(Deutz F4L914 66kW 90hp eng). Farmer | 209S-2002/01(Deutz F4L914 66kW 90hp eng). Vario | 918(MAN eng). 

Iveco NEF45. Jackrabbit JJL490-20/20; 20/30-116(Deutz F2L2011 eng). Wood Chuck | . YJJL30/30(Deutz F4L1011; F4L2011 eng). JCB 2CX(JCB 444-DieselMax eng). 407BZX-1998/01(Perkins 1004.40 47kW 64hp eng). 409ZX(Perkins 1104C.44 E2 eng). 926. 930. 940. Robot | 160; 160HF(404C-22; 404C-22T E2 eng). Robot | 160; 160HF(404D-22; 404D-22T E3 eng). Robot | 160; 160HF(Perkins 104.22 eng). Robot | 170; 170HF(Perkins 104.22 eng). Robot | 170; 170HF(Perkins 404C-22; 404C-22T E2 eng). Robot | 170; 170HF(Perkins 404D-22; 404D-22T E3 eng). Robot | 170-9802/4530(Perkins 400 eng). Robot | 170-9802/4530-2000/01(Perkins 104.22 eng). Robot | 170-9802/4570(Perkins 404C-22; 404C-22T E2 eng). Robot | 170-9802/5470-2008/01(Perkins 404D-22; 404D-22T E3 eng). Robot | 170HF-9802/4530(Perkins 400 eng). Robot | 170HF-9802/4530-2000/01(Perkins 100 eng). Robot | 170HF-9802/4570(404C-22; 404C-22T E2 eng). Robot | 170HF-9802/4570-2008/01(404D-22; 404D-22T E3 eng). Robot | 180(Perkins 404DT-22 44kW 60hp eng). Robot | 180; 180HF(Perkins 404C-22; 404C-22T E2 eng). Robot | 180; 180T(Perkins 404D-22; 404D-22T E3 eng). Robot | 180T(Perkins 404C-22; 404C-22T E2 eng). TLT25D; TLT30D(Perkins 104.22 eng). TLT25D; TLT30D(Perkins 404.22 eng). John Deere 1600(Yanmar 4TNE84T eng). 1600(Yanmar E2 eng). 2000. 2000. 2100. 2100-1960/01. 2200. 2200(50kW 68hp eng). 2300(55kW 74hp eng). 240(3029D eng). 240(3029D 39kW 53hp eng). 240; 250(3029D; 3029T eng). 2400. 2400(60kW 81hp eng). 250(3029T 48kW 65hp eng). 270(PowerTech 4045D eng). 317. 320. 4045TE; 4045TLV; 4045TT. 4120(PowerTech 4024T eng). 4120-2004/01(John Deere 32kW 43hp eng). 4320(4024T eng). 4320-2004/01(4024T eng). 4520(4024T eng). 4520-1965/01(90kW 122hp eng). 4520-2005/01(4024T 39kW 53hp eng). 4720. 4720(PowerTech 4024T eng). 4720-2005/01(John Deere 43kW 58hp eng). 5105-2000/01(John Deere 37kW 50hp eng). 5105-512000(PowerTech 2.9L eng). 5205-2000/01(John Deere 41kW 56hp eng). 5205-522000(PowerTech 2.9L eng). 75D(Isuzu 4LE2X eng). 80(Yanmar 4TNE98 eng). 85D(Isuzu 4LE2X eng). CT322(4024T eng). Genset | 3029-TFU80 Stage IIIA. Kobelco 70SR(Isuzu A-4JB1 eng). 80CS(Isuzu A-4JB1T eng). CS80CS-2008/01. E80-MSR. SR70SR -2008/01(Isuzu 419kW 570hp eng). SR75SR. Komatsu CK30-1(S4D98E eng). CK35-1(S4D98E eng). FD25T(Yanmar eng). FD25T(Yanmar eng). PC88MR-6(S4D95LE-3 eng). PC88MR-6-2006/01(S4D95LE3 eng). PC88MR-8. PW98MR-6. PW98MR-6-2006/01(Komatsu S4D95E 51kW 69hp eng). PW98MR-6-2006/01(Komatsu S4D95LE-3 51kW 69hp eng). SK1026-5(S4D96E eng). WA65. WA65-3(4D94E-1HC eng). WA65-5(4D95-LE3 eng). WA65-5(Komatsu 4D95-LE3 40kW 54hp eng). WA65-6; WA70-6. WA70-5(4D95-LE3 eng). WA70-5(Komatsu 4D95-LE3 45kW 60hp eng). WA75(Perkins eng). WA75-3(4D98E-1HC eng). WA80-5(4D95-LE3 eng). WA80-6(S4D95LE-5 eng). WA85-3(Komatsu 4D98E 48kW 65hp eng). WA90(Perkins eng). WA90-3(4D106E-1 eng). WA95-3(4D106E-2 eng). WA95-3(4D106E-2HC eng). 

Lister Petter TR2; TS2. TR3; TS3. Manitou 160ATJ; 180ATJ. BT420; BT425. Evolution | MLT523(Turbo eng). Evolution | MLT620(Turbo eng). MH20-4; MH25-4-Buggie(Perkins 404C-22T Turbo eng). ML40. MLT523. MLT523 Mono-Ultra(Turbo eng). MS120D-2000/01(Perkins 3cyl eng). MSI20; MSI25; MSI30; MSI35T-Buggie. MSI20; MSI25; MSI30D-Buggie. MSI20; MSI25; MSI30D-Buggie. MSI20; MSI25; MSI30G-Buggie. MSI20; MSI25; MSI30T-Buggie. MSI35-Buggie(Turbo eng). MSI35-Buggie(Turbo eng). MT523 Mono-Ultra. MT620. SLT415. SLT415; SLT420B. SLT420B(Perkins 404C-22 eng). TMT25.15CR; TMT25.20C; TMT25.20SR; TMT25.20SRXTSR4W; MT25.20SR4WXT; MT25.25; MT25.25S. Massey Ferguson 2210(903.27 eng). 2210; 2220. 2210-2002/01(Perkins 903.27 40kW 54hp eng). 2220(903.27 eng). 2225(Perkins eng). 2225-2002/01(Perkins 1004.40 49kW 67hp eng). 2230(1004.4 eng). 2230(Perkins eng). 2235. 2235(Perkins eng). 2235-2002/01(Perkins 1004.42 57kW 78hp eng). 2410(S4LY-1T62ST eng). 2415. 2415(S4L2-T eng). 2430(800T eng). 2430GE; 2430ST; 2435GE; 2435ST; 2440GE; 2440ST(Perkins 800 eng). 2435(800T eng). 2440(800T eng). 333(AD3.152 eng). 353(AD3.152 eng). 354F; 354S; 354V. 363(AT3.152.4 eng). 364F; 364S; 364V(AT3.152.4 eng). 373(A4.236 46kW 63hp eng). 374-4A; 374-4F; 374-4S; 374-4V(Perkins A4.236 46kW 63hp eng). 383-1986/01(A4.236 60kW 81hp eng). 393/2; 393/4(Perkins AT4.236 eng). MF1325-1995/01(Mitsubishi K3FD 20kW 27hp eng). MF1325-1995/01(Mitsubishi K4FD 20kW 27hp eng). MF2205(Perkins eng). MF3210; MF3225; MF3235. MF373(Perkins eng). MF394FQ; MF394GE; MF394SQ(Perkins eng). McCormick F60(Perkins 2.7L eng). F60F; F60GE-2004/01(Perkins 1103C-33 43kW 59hp eng). F70(Perkins 1004.40 eng). F70F; F70GE-2004/01(Perkins 1103C-33T 49kW 67hp eng). F80(Perkins 1004.42 eng). F80F; F80GE-2004/01(Perkins 1103C-33T 55kW 75hp eng). Merlo P25.6. Moffett TM55(Kubota V2003 eng). Mustang 2070(Isuzu 4JB1 eng). 2074(Isuzu 4JB1 eng). New Holland 4835. 5635(Fiat eng). 80-66(Iveco 8045E eng). C185(334TM2 3.4L eng). C185-2006/01(CNH F5C 61kW 83hp Turbo eng). C190(445M2 4.5L eng). C190-2006/01. C227(Iveco F5C eng). C238-2012/01(Iveco F5C E4i eng). E70B(Isuzu AU-4LE2X eng). E70BSR(Isuzu AU-4LE2X eng). E80B(Isuzu AU-4LE2X eng). E80B-MSR(Isuzu AU-4LE2X eng). HW300(Iveco eng). L180(334M2 3.4L eng). L185(Iveco 334TM2 3.4L eng). L190; LS190B; LT190B(445M2 4.5L eng). L190-2006/01(FPT-F4GE9454 eng). L213; L215(ISM-N844; N844T 2.0L eng). L218; L220(ISM-N844LT eng). L218-2011/01(ISM-N844LT eng). L218-2013/01(E4b eng). L220-2011/01(ISM-N844LT eng). L220-2013/01(E4b eng). L223; L225; L230(Iveco F5C eng). L225-2011/01(FPT-F5CE9454 eng). L230-2012/01(Iveco F5C E4i eng). LB75. LB75. LS180.B(334M2 eng). LS185B; LT185.B(3.4L eng). LW50. LW50; LW50B(Perkins eng). LW80. LW80(Perkins eng). T4.55; T4.65; T4.75(FPT-F5C eng). T4020(3.2L Turbo eng). T4030(3.2L Turbo eng). TD60. TD60D(3.9L eng). TD75D(3.9L eng). TD80. TD80D(3.9L eng). 

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