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What are the effects of fuel filter replacement and non-replacement?

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Filters Element Technology

Filters Element Technology

CHINA EVERLASTING PARTS CO., LIMITED provide filters with high quality. And it has the following characteristics: High quality filter paper adhesive with the strong bond strength Bond the filter paper to the end cap effectively, Even they will not break off when the filter is under great pressure.Poor quality filter, The Filter paper glue with Poor adhesion, The sealing performance of the filter core is very poor, when the filter is under pressure, it will lead to crack. The impurity particles pass through the gap between the filter paper and the end cap Cause the filter without any filtration efficacy...

What are the effects of fuel filter replacement and non-replacement?

What are the effects of fuel filter replacement and non-replacement?

Gasoline filtration is one of the common filter products, the main function is to remove impurities from gasoline. If the fuel filter is too dirty or blocked, the main performance is: when the fuel is added, the power is slower, or it can't get up, the car is difficult to start, sometimes it takes 2-5 times to catch the fire. Most engines are equipped with disposable, non-removable paper filter fuel filters. The replacement cycle is generally 10,000 kilometers. If you add less gasoline, it is not a problem to replace one with 15000-20000 kilometers. The filter has an inlet and outlet arrow mark, and should not be reversed when replacing.

The fuel filter is to filter the impurities in the gasoline you usually add. It takes a long time. Your fuel filter is full of dirt, dirt and dregs. Therefore, it is recommended to change the number of kilometers. If you don't change it, or delay the change, it will definitely affect the performance of your car; for example, the oil road is not smooth, the car is not motivated, the time is long, the filter performance of the steam filter is greatly reduced, and finally the engine is damaged chronically, and even the engine is overhauled. If you don't change it, it will definitely bring a lot of damage to the car.


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