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Separ SWK2000 range of fuel filter/water separators

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Fuel Filter AR86745 FF5051 FF236 AR86755 FF203 11-7264 11-6285

Fuel Filter AR86745 FF5051 FF236 AR86755 FF203 11-7264 11-6285

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Separ SWK2000 range of fuel filter/water separators
Separ SWK2000 range of fuel filter/water separators

In 1992 the SEPAR 2000 Series of fuel filters was released. This range is as an effective system for the separation of water and particulate from fuel. This is vital as both water and particulate matter can result in high wear and tear of fuel pumps and injectors,resulting in reduced reliability and expensive engine repairs.

The separation and filtration process takes place in a new, unique and patented procedure, which is applied throughout all of the range. The SEPAR 2000 series is especially effective due its small physical size in relation to the effective flow rate.

The SEPAR 2000 should be installed on the suction side of the fuel system, between the fuel tank and the lift pump.
The fuel cleaning process: fuel enters the filter through either port A or B depending which is more convenient for installation and using the plug provided to seal off the unused port. 

Replacement elements SWK2000/5 range:
10 micron - 00510 (paper)
30 micron - 00530 (paper)
60 micron - 00560-s (stainless steel - washable)

Replacement elements SWK2000/5/50 range:
10 micron - 00510/50 (paper)
30 micron - 00530/50 (paper)
60 micron - 00560/50s (stainless steel - washable)
Replacement Seal and Gasket Kit:
Part Number : 10527

Separ SWK2000/10 
Replacement elements:
10 micron - 01010 (paper)
30 micron - 01030 (paper)
60 micron - 01060s (stainless steel - washable)
Replacement Seal and Gasket Kit:
Part Number : 10528

Separ SWK2000/18
Replacement elements:
10 micron - 01810 (paper)
30 micron - 01830 (paper)
60 micron - 01860s (stainless steel - washable)
Replacement Seal and Gasket Kit:
Part Number : 30979

Separ SWK2000/40
Replacement elements (2 required for double unit):
10 micron - 04010 (paper)
30 micron - 04030 (paper)
60 micron - 04060s (stainless steel - washable)
Replacement Seal and Gasket Kit (2 required for double unit):
Part Number : 30980

Separ SWK2000/130
Replacement elements:
10 micron - 4x 01810 (paper)
30 micron - 4x 01830 (paper)
60 micron - 4x 01860s (stainless steel - washable)
Replacement Seal and Gasket Kit:
Part Number : 30993


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