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How does the oil filter work?

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  • Oil Filter LF673

    Oil Filter LF673 B167 P558250 W950/14 C-5401

    The Oil Filter LF673 Cross Reference B167 P558250 W950/14 C-5401,Application For Caterpillar 213-3ZC1. 214-1KB1. David Brown 2090(504BD eng). 2094(504BD eng). 2290(504BD eng). 2390(504BTD eng). Ingersoll Rand DRR160(IHC D239 eng). Joy RPS175(VC200 eng). Komatsu D50A; D50P; D50PL; D50S-15(4D120 eng). New Holland 5640-1991/01(Ford 49kW 66hp eng). 6640-1991/01(Ford 56kW 76hp eng).Nissan FD005(SD33 eng). FD005; FD006; FD007. Patrol I 3.3D K160/W160 3246cc Diesel 70kW 95hp-1983/01(SD33 eng).

  • Fuel Filter 1R-0724

    Fuel Filter 1R-0724 1R0724 For CAT Generator Set D379B D398B D399 Diesel

    The Fuel Filter 1R-0724 1R0724 Application For Caterpillar 16. 16. 1670. 1670. 1693. 1693. 594. 594. 594G. 594G. 619B. 619B. 619C. 619C. 630A. 630A. 630B. 630B. 631A. 631A. 631B. 631B. 657; 657B. 657; 657B. 666; 666B(D343 eng). 666; 666B(D343 eng). 769; 769B. 769; 769B. 769; 769B. 769; 769B. 776(D348 eng). 776(D348 eng). 776(D348 eng). 776(D348 eng). 777(D348 eng). 777(D348 eng). 777(D348 eng). 777(D348 eng). 777A. 777A. 777A. 777A. 779. 779. 779. 779. 824. 824. 824B(D343 eng). 824B(D343 eng). 834. 834. 955. 988. 988. 992; 992B(D348 eng). 992; 992B(D348 eng).

  • Air Filter 17801-30070

    Air Filter 17801-30070 1780130070 A-33730

    The Air Filter 17801-30070 1780130070 A-33730 For TOYOTA 4 CYL. 2.5L 2KD-FTV KDH200 TURBO DIESEL.

  • Air Filter 901-047

    Air Filter 901-047 RS3542 8-97231900-0 C14202/1 YT11P00009S002

    The Air Filter 901-047 Cross Reference RS3542 8-97231900-0 C14202/1 YT11P00009S002,Application For Caterpillar 216B(Caterpillar 3024C eng). 216B-2004/01(Caterpillar 3024C 37kW 50hp E4; E5 eng). Hitachi W50; W60; W70(Perkins 704.30 eng). Zaxis | 75US-3; ZX75US-3(Isuzu 4LE2X eng). Kobelco 70SR(Isuzu A-4JB1 eng). 80CS(Isuzu A-4JB1T eng).

  • Air Filter 1A8240-05120

    Air Filter 1A8240-05120 1A824005120

    The Air Filter 1A8240-05120 1A824005120 For Yanmar engine external air filter.

  • Air Filter 1A8240-05110

    Air Filter 1A8240-05110 1A824005110 For Yanmar

    The Air Filter 1A8240-05110 1A824005110 For Yanmar engine external air filter.


What filters have to change when maintain CAT 3516 generator?

What filters have to change when maintain CAT 3516 generator?

What filters have to change when we maintain the Diesel Generator with Caterpillar CAT 3516 engine? We have to change the below filter and quantity: 2pcs Outer air filter 8N-6309 2pcs Inner air filter element 8N-2556 5pcs Fuel Filter 1R-0756 3pcs Oil Filter 1R-0726 The Fuel Filter 1R-0756 are install the assembly housing with 5pcs together. The Oil Filter 1R-0726 are install into the housing with 3pcs together,we have to change the 3pcs together and change the new oil too. That is importat to change the filter and oil when meet the maintain time, that can protect the engine well. The filter quality is very import, the low filtration efficiency filter reduce little maintain cost, but will short engine life. The Caterpillar Quality standard filter can protect engine well and long engine life. The 1R-0756 AND 1R-0726 Caterpillar Technology as below: Non-Metallic Center Tube(Maximum System Protection) Spiral Roving(Effective Filtration-ensure that pleats do not flex,putting an end to pleat movement) Molded End Caps(No-Leak Bond--Virtually Eliminate Contaminants from entering the system with one piece,molded polyurethane end caps) Acrylic beads(Maximum Dirt Holding Capacity-Help prevent pleat bunching,a common problem experienced by virtually all other filters) Inject Glue. We are good at supplying high quailty filter and the same technolog as genuine Caterpillar standard, Any need welcomne contact with us. WhatsApp/Wechat/Viber: +86 18965520297 Email: Sales@filters-king.com

How does the oil filter work?

Engine oil plays a very important role in the engine. It helps to cool the engine by transferring heat. Sealing the gap between the piston ring and the cylinder wall; absorbing contaminants; and suspending soot particles as combustion residues. Contaminants can be organics such as fungi and bacteria in the air. Inorganic particles can be a lot of things, including dust that is drawn into the engine during operation.

The outside of the oil filter is a metal can with a gasket that can be fastened to the mating surface of the engine. A gasket is attached to the base of the can and a hole is formed around the area inside the gasket. The center hole is threaded to mate with the oil filter assembly on the engine block. The inside of the jar is a filter material, the most common being synthetic fibers. The engine's oil pump moves the oil directly to the filter and then enters the oil filter from the hole in the perimeter of the base plate.

Dirty oil passes through the filter media and then returns through the center hole where it re-enters the engine. Typically, filters have two media types: primary and secondary. The primary medium can block particles as small as 25-30 microns (human hair size is 65-70 microns) and the secondary medium can block particles as small as 5-10 microns. More filter cross reference you can get from www.filters-king.com.

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