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  • Fuel Filter 4415122

    Fuel Filter 4415122 26550005

    The Perkins Fuel Filter 4415122 is equivalent to Fleetguard FF5788, Fg Wilson 10000-63247, Baldwin BF9915, Caterpillar 2526338, Massey Ferguson 4225526M1, Perkins 26550005. Part Number:4415122 Part Name:Fuel Filter Replace Brand:Perkins

  • Fuel Water Separator 2656F853

    Fuel Water Separator 2656F853 2656F087

    The Perkins Fuel Water Separator 2656F853 is equivalent to Fleetgaurd FS20052, Donaldson P553880, Baldwin BF1289SP, FG Wilson 10000-17464, CAT 901-237, HIFI SN30040, Perkins 2656F087, AGCO 4226708M1. Part Number:2656F853 Part Name:Fuel Water Separator Replace Brand:Perkins

  • Fuel Filter 2656F843

    Fuel Filter 2656F843 10000-59646 10000-12854

    The Perkins Fuel Filter 2656F843 is equivalent to Fleetgaurd FF261, Donaldson P502504, Baldwin BF7990, FG Wilson 10000-59646, 10000-12854, CAT 299-8229, Sakura FC51170. Part Number:2656F843 Part Name:Fuel Filter Replace Brand:Perkins

  • BENZ Air Filter A0040942404

    BENZ Air Filter A0040942404

    The BENZ Air Filter A0040942404 is equivalent to Fleetgaurd AF26165, Donaldson P785542, Baldwin RS5362, Hengst E497L, Luber Finer LAF6164, MANN C41001 ,C41001KIT ,C411776. Part Number:A0040942404 Part Name:Air Filter Replace Brand:BENZ

  • Fuel Water Separator 2040TM

    Parker Racor Fuel Water Separator 2040TM

    The Parker Racor Fuel Water Separator 2040TM is equivalent to Fleetgaurd FS20402, Baldwin PF7889-10. Part Number:2040TM Part Name:Fuel Water Separator Replace Brand:Parker Racor

  • Air Filter 600-181-4212

    Air Filter 600-181-4212 6001814212

    The Komatsu Air Filter 600-181-4212 is equivalent to Fleetgaurd AF1904A, Baldwin PA1893, Ag-Chem 702463, Fiat-Allis 70662618, John Deere AU43090, Massey Ferguson 1495414-M91. Part Number:600-181-4212, 6001814212 Part Name:Air Filter Replace Brand:Komatsu


2019 Quanzhou International Construction Machinery Exhibition ended successfully

2019 Quanzhou International Construction Machinery Exhibition ended successfully

2019 Quanzhou International Engineering Machinery Exhibition and CNC Machine Tool Special Equipment Expo showcases new products, new technologies, new materials and comprehensive solutions for customers in the field of machine tools and industrial automation, and strives to build a value exchange platform. It ended on May 20th, 2019. China Everlasting Parts Co., Limited in providing factory machinery parts and filters. If you have any needs or would like more information, you can always contact us for consultation.

The function of the fuel filter is to prevent particles, water, and impurities in the fuel, and to protect the precision parts of the fuel system from wear and other injuries. Our fuel filter used for Caterpillar(CAT), Fleetguard, Perkins, Baldwin,VOLVO, Donaldson, IVECO, Johe Deere,Komatsu, JCB,Mitsubishi, Deutz ......Welcome Customization.

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