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Why can't install the filter casually?

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    Bomag fuel filter 05727894

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Why can't install the filter casually?

You can't casual find tool to install your oil filter, or install the oil filter directly with your hand. But in reality, some people will do this, if you do, then it is wrong! Delphi fast repair chain professional maintenance workers said: spin-on machine filter (with iron shell) must not be screwed with tools, can not be screwed too tight!

The reasons are as follows:

First, can't be too tight

The sealing ring will be easily folded due to the installation of the filter too tight, and the gap between the sealing ring and the base will be generated and the oil will leak.

Second, you can not use tools casually

During the installation process, the tool metal should be prevented from being squeezed into the machine filter shell, and the iron sheet is easily thinned. After the iron sheet is thinned, it is prone to bursting during high temperature and high pressure oil operation, which is very dangerous.

Note: It is not uncommon for various well-known brand machine filters to cause machine filter bursting, oil leakage and oil leakage under wrong installation.

The times are different, efficiency is king, and safety is emphasized. Even if it is a small machine filter, the professional tools are indispensable, and the standard movement of the car repair can not be ignored.

Third, there are two kinds of screwing filter methods:

1. Direct hand; 2. Professional set tool

In actual work, there are not many vehicles that can be installed by hand, and most of them use the kit tool, as shown below:

Oil filter set

(Oil filter set)

Fourth, use the standard installation actions:

1. Check if the oil filter has bumps.

2. The oil that is refreshed on the seal ring.

3. Rotate the filter by hand until the filter ring is in contact with the base (that is, when you start pushing).

4. Rotate 3/4 more turns (marked with a dash).

installation procedure


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