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Mexican customers visit our company

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  • oil filter 1614874799

    oil filter 1614874799 BT364 1R0734 39446489 LF3788

    The Oil Filter 1614874799 BT364 Equivalent OEM Part Number 1R0734 39446489 LF3788,Application For Ag Chem 1253 Terra-Gator(Caterpillar 3208 Engine)Agco 1603; 1604(Caterpillar 3208 Engine)Aveling Barford RXD25 6x4(Caterpillar 3208 Engine), Barber Greene SA150(Caterpillar 3145 Engine)Caterpillar 225, 225, 301.5, 315; 315B; 315L(Caterpillar Engine)Doosan Daewoo 65, 70, G25S, C6DO42; C7DO42; C7DO64, J8CO42; J8CO64

  • air filter element 1202626202

    air filter element 1202626202

    The Air Filter Element 1202626202,Application For Atlas Copco Air compressor.

  • hydraulic filter 84581942

    hydraulic filter 84581942

    The Hydraulic Filter 84581942,Application For New Holland T4.85, T4.105, T4.115, T4.55, T4.65, T4.75, T4.75, T4.85, T4.105, T4.95, T5.120, T5.105, T5.110, T5.115, T5.110, T5.95, TD5.85, TD5.115, TD5.105, TD5.95

  • hydraulic filter 84257511

    hydraulic filter 84257511 P765662 BT8899 47131195 SPH9914

    The Hydraulic Filter 84257511 Reference Cross Part Number P765662 BT8899 47131195 SPH9914,Application For Case IHC Farmall A65A 48kW 65hp(FPT Engine) From 11/12, Farmall A75A 53kW 72hp(FPT Engine) From 11/12, Farmall A85A 60kW 82hp(FTP Tier 3A Engine) From 01/13, Farmall A95A 70kW 95hp From 12/12 New Holland T4.55 Powerstar(F5C TIER III Engine) From 01/12, T4.65 Powerstar(F5C TIER III Engine) From 01/12, T4.75 Powerstar(F5C TIER III Engine) From 01/12, T4020(3.2L Turbo Engine), T4020 48kW 65hp(Iveco F5C Engine) From 04/08, T4020V(3.2L Turbo Engine), T4030(3.2L Turbo Engine), T4030 57kW 78hp(Iveco F5C Engine)

  • oil filter 36870574

    oil filter 36870574 LF3536 SO6117 HH16032093 970302742

    The Oil Filter 36870574 Reference Cross Part Number LF3536 SO6117 HH16032093 970302742

  • fuel filter assembly 32/925765

    fuel filter assembly 32/925765 32925765

    The FUEL FILTER ASSEMBLY 32/925765,be applied to 32/925694


Mexican customers visit our company

In recent years, CHINA EVERLASTING PARTS CO., LIMITED. has a reputation for excellent quality, high cost performance and perfect after-sales service. The customers are all over the world, including Mexico, USA, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sudan, Nigeria, Brazil. and many more. The good reputation of CHINA EVERLASTING PARTS CO., LIMITED has also been recognized by the market. This has attracted many foreign customers to visit the company.

Today, customers from Mexico come to our company to conduct field visits and communicate with the filter materials. The salesman and the boss took the customer to visit our company and sample room. In-depth understanding of the material, process and filtration accuracy of the filter. Mexican customers have fully affirmed our company's capabilities, filter quality and management system. Many constructive suggestions have also been put forward.

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sample room


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