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  • Oil Filter OX388D

    Oil Filter OX388D E115H01D208 HU7008Z 25.106.00 P7023

    The Oil Filter OX388D Mahle Cross Reference E115H01D208 HU7008Z 25.106.00 P7023,Application For Audi A1 (8X) 1.6 TDi 8X 1598cc Diesel 66kW 90hp-2010/01(CAYB eng). A1 (8X) 1.6 TDi 8X 1598cc Diesel 77kW 105hp-2010/01(CAYC eng). Skoda Fabia II (5J6; 5J9) 1.6 TDi 5J6/5J9 1598cc Diesel 55kW 75hp-2010/01(CAYA eng). Volkswagen Amarok (2H) 2.0 TDi 2H 1968cc Diesel 103kW 140hp-2012/01(CNFB eng).

  • Fuel Filter ME971550

    Fuel Filter ME971550 PF7592 P502116 FF5122 F-1008

    The Fuel Filter ME971550 Reference Cross Part Number PF7592 P502116 FF5122 F-1008,Application For Furukawa FL230. FL320. FL320A. Kato HD1200G(Mitsubishi 6D20C eng). HD1200G; HD1220SE; HD1220SE-2(Mitsubishi 6D22C eng). Kobelco K909A-LQ0795-1062(Mitsubishi 6D22C eng).Mitsubishi 6D22T. 6D22T; 6D22TC. 8DC9. 8DC9. F-FV215. FK115-1983/01(6D14-1A eng). 

  • Fuel Filter ME306306

    Fuel Filter ME306306 PF7982 P502422 4642641 87365565

    The Fuel Filter ME306306 Cross Reference PF7982 P502422 4642641 87365565,Application For Caterpillar P17500; P20000; P22000; P26500; P30000; P33000; P36000(Mitsubishi 6M60TL eng). Hitachi SCX550-3(Isuzu 4HK1 eng). SCX700C-3(Isuzu 4HK1 eng). Zaxis | 120-3; ZX120-3(Isuzu 4JJ1X eng). Mitsubishi 6M60. FK200(6M60 eng). FK200(6M60 eng). FK260(6M60 eng). 

  • Fuel Filter ME222133

    Fuel Filter ME222133 PF9803 P502378 FF5797 PU10004Z

    The Fuel Filter ME222133 Mitsubishi Cross Reference PF9803 P502378 FF5797 PU10004Z,Application For Freightliner FL360(Mitsubishi 4M50-3AT7 4.9L Turbo Diesel Mexico Turbo eng). Mitsubishi 4M50. BE64D-2002/01(4M50 eng). Canter | (Fuso eng). Canter Fuso | -2008/01. Canter MkVIII | 3C11-2005/01(4M42-3AT1 E4 eng). 

  • Oil Filter ME064356

    Oil Filter ME064356 P7000KIT P550065 2631672000 151197A1

    The Oil Filter ME064356 Cross Reference P7000KIT P550065 2631672000 151197A1,Application For  Kato HD1200G; HD1200SE; HD1200SEL(6D22C eng). HD1880SE(8DC81C eng). Kobelco K909A(Mitsubishi 6D22C eng). Mitsubishi F-FP; P-FU413(Mitsubishi 8DC8 eng). FN. FP418F; FP418N(Mitsubishi 6D22-1A eng). FP-6.5-8 Ton(8DC4; 8DC8; 8DC9; 6D20; 6D22 eng). FR; FW-7-11 Ton(8DC8; 8DC8DC9 eng).

  • Fuel Filter M20840-A

    Fuel Filter M20840-A PF981 FF5259 P502166 119810-55650

    The Fuel Filter M20840-A Cross Reference PF981 FF5259 P502166 119810-55650,Application For Atlas Copco XA36; XAS36; XASS36(Yanmar 3TNE68 eng). Bell 731(Yanmar 3TNE68 eng). 741(Yanmar 3TNE78 eng). Blackrock Blackrock | (Yanmar 2TNV70 eng). Blackrock | (Yanmar 3TNV70 eng). Mahindra 3510. 4110. Moffett M50; M55P(Kubota eng). Mustang 332(Yanmar eng). 920; 920E(Yanmar 3TNA72 eng). ME1402; ME1502(Yanmar 3TNE68 eng). 


China Everlasting Parts Co., Limited export filters orders Auguest,2021

China Everlasting Parts Co., Limited export filters orders Auguest,2021

China Everlasting Parts Co., Limited is the Professinal Filters supplier and Diesel Generator Spare Parts Wholesale. We are good at supplying Filters, Include the Air Filter,Air Dryer,Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Hydraulic Filter, Fuel Water Separator,Air Oil Separator,Filters Assembly, Duralite Air Clearner Filter, Powercore Air Clearner Filter. Our filters used for Caterpillar,Komatsu,Fleetguard,Perkins,Lister Petter,FG Wilson,Deutz,VOLVO,Hitachi,JCB,SANY,Hyundai,Deawoo Doosan, Mitsubishi,ISUZU,John Deere,Parker Racor,Atlas Copco,Ingersoll Rand,Liebherr,Hydac,Pall,Kobelco,Rexreoth,Mercedes Benz,IVECO,Scania,MTU,DAF,Hengst,Hino,Mann,CNH,Yanmar,Toyor,Nissan, Luber Finer,Wix,Donaldson,Baldwin Welcome samples to customized. In Auguest, we export 5X40HQ Container and 1X20GP Container. The 40HQ container can load about 68.00CBM filers, the 20GP container can load about 28.00CBM Export 1x40HQ Filters to GUAYAQUIL,ECUADOR. Ayrest Brand Filters Use For Caterpillar Equipment. ITEM NO. DESCRIPTION OF GOODS QUANTITY 102-9387 Air Filter 5 102-9388 Air Filter 5 1R-0726 Oil Filters 765 1R-0734 Oil Filters 16 1R-1804 Fuel Water Separator 3 208-9065 Air Filters 123 247-1380 Air Filter 1 6N-6444 Air Filters 4 8N-6309 Air Filters 348 133-5673 Fuel Water Separator 12 TOTAL: 1282 Export 2X40HQ Filters to DAR ES SLAM,TANZANIAN. One Hundred twenty eight Thousand USD Customer Authorized Brand Filters Use for Cummins Generator and Perkins Generator. ITEM NO. DESCRIPTION OF GOODS QUANTITY FF5087 Fuel Filters 2000 FF167 Fuel Filters 3500 FF216 Fuel Filters 1510 FF5040 Fuel Filters 300 FF5018 Fuel Filters 410 4461492 Fuel Filters 1000 26560163 Fuel Filters 665 CH10931 Fuel Filters 10 CH10930 Fuel Filters 10 CH10929 Oil Filters 10 FF5078 Fuel Filters 150 LF3883 Lube Filter 150 LF701 Oil Filters 1400 LF3335 Oil Filters 3800 LF700 Oil Filters 300 LF3996 Oil Filters 2152 AF27867 Air Filters 2500 AF25436 Air Filters 1500 757-27890 Air Filter 300 AF25550 Air Filters 50 26510362 Air Filters 1500 26510337 Air Element 330 26510342 Air Filters 592 FS1000 Fuel Water Separator 50 A50 Belt 270 A37 Belt 1200 A38 Belt 1200 A39 Belt 1200 A51 Belt 270 A52 Belt 270 26560201 Fuel Filters 135 4816635 Fuel Filter 400 26560145 Fuel Water Separator 100 26560143 Fuel Water Separator 110 4415122 Fuel Filters 100 2654403 Oil Filters 500 2654408 Oil Filter 100 2654407 Oil Filter 280 140517050 Oil Filters 50 26510380 Air Filters 110 26510208 Air Filter 70 P821575 Air Filters 5 080109107 BELT 150 2614B555 Belt 319 FF42000 Fuel Filters 60 FF4052A Fuel Filter 50 FF5269 Fuel Filter 50 2656F853 Fuel Filters 15 FS19530 Fuel Water Separator 15 FS19973 Fuel Filter 15 FS19652 Fuel Water Separator 10 2010PM Fuel Water Separator 15 26550001 Coolant Filters 25 LF3345 Oil Filters 60 LF4054 Oil Filters 50 LF16011 Oil Filters 45 2654A111 Oil Filters 30 26510353 Air Filters 40 AF27840 Air Filters 15 AF25308 Air Filter 15 21377913 Air Filters 30 AF26086 Air Filter 20 26510289 Air Filters 35 AF462K Air Filter 12 AF424 Ai...

Keep the intake system clean, separate the water from the fuel, prolong the life of injector and maintain higher fuel efficiency. Ensure the engine have enough power. Material:HV fuel water separator paper, separating composite paper-high filtration efficiency and water separation efficiency. Include Brand:Caterpillar(CAT), Fleetguard, Parker, Perkins, Baldwin,VOLVO, Mitsubishi, IVECO, Johe Deere,Hydac and so on.

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