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  • Donaldson Hydraulic Filter P763558

    Donaldson Hydraulic Filter P763558

    The Donaldson Hydraulic Filter P763558 material and technology is the same as that the genuine standard. Part Number:P763558 Part Name:Hydraulic Filter Brand:Donaldson

  • Donaldson Hydraulic Filter P571363

    Donaldson Hydraulic Filter P571363

    The Donaldson Hydraulic Filter  P571363 is equivalent to BOSCH REXROTH 1400H10XLA000P, R928005963, FILTREC XR400G10, HY PRO HP400L1010MB, HP400L1010MV, HYDAC HYCON-0400RN010BN3HC, 0400RN010BN4HC, INTERNORMEN-01NR40010VG10BP, MAHLE PI23040RN, PARKER G02616, STAUFF NR400E10B. Part Number:P571363 Part Name:Hydraulic Filter Brand:Donaldson

  • Donaldson Hydraulic Filter P566987

    Donaldson Hydraulic Filter P566987

    The Donaldson Hydraulic Filter P566987 is equivalent to BOSCH REXROTH 10660LAH10SL0006P, DONALDSON DT0660R14UM... Part Number:P566987 Part Name:Hydraulic Filter Brand:Donaldson

  • Donaldson Hydraulic Filter P566672 DT0240D14UM

    Donaldson Hydraulic Filter P566672 DT0240D14UM

    The Donaldson Hydraulic Filter P566672 is equivalent to Fleetguard HF30222, HF6872, Baldwin PT9490-MPG, , Hydac 240D010BNHC, Donaldson P170608, Filtrec DHD240G10B, Donaldson DT0240D14UM, WIX 57883, Luber Finer DHD240G108, DHD24010V. Part Number:P566672 Part Name:Hydraulic Filter Brand:Donaldson

  • RACOR Duralite Air Cleaner CCV55222-10

    RACOR Duralite Air Cleaner Crankcase ventilation CCV55222-10

    The RACOR Duralite Air Cleaner CCV55222-10 is equivalent to CAT 275-2276. Part Number:CCV55222-10 Part Name:Duralite Air Cleaner, Crankcase ventilation Brand:RACOR

  • Fleetguard Air Filter AF25969

    Fleetguard Air Filter AF25969

    The Fleetguard Air Filter AF25969 is equivalent to Baldwin RS5313, Donaldson P781228, Scania 1335680. Part Number:AF25969 Part Name:Air Filter Brand:Fleetguard


Caterpillar Fuel Water Separators

Caterpillar Fuel Water Separators

Caterpillar Fuel Water Separators are designed to eliminate virtually all free water and 90% emulsified water along with smaller contaminates while helping extend the life of your fuel filter and sophisticated fuel injectors. Injector erosion causes loss of power and increased fuel burn, which is why it's critical to protect your injectors by choosing longer-lasting Cat Fuel Water Separators. Caterpillar Fuel Filter Separator has five attributes below: • Unique filter media provides unsurpassed protection. • Acrylic beads prevent bunching • Spiral roving provides greater pleat stability and maximum dirt holding capability • Nylon center tube prevents metal contamination • Molded end caps prevent leaks Caterpillar fuel filter separator can use many engine and equipment, such as: CAT Engine, Perkins Engine, John Deere Engine, Truck, Excavator, Crane, Bulldozer, Pushdozer, Harvester, Reaper, Forklift, Coach, Pump Truck, Loaders, Generator set, Bus and so on. CAT fuel water separator OEM part number as below: 111-0716 223-0702 117-4089 228-9130 129-0373 233-9856 131-1812 234-7967 133-5673 250-6527 134-6307 256-8753 138-3098 2W-4234 138-3100 308-7298 145-4501 326-1641 146-6695 326-1642 146-6695 326-1643 151-2409 326-1644 156-1200 361-9554 159-6102 382-0664 163-4465 438-5385 1R-0769 438-5386 1R-0770 513-4490 1R-0771 513-4493 205-3043 8N-0205 206-6909 8N-9803 206-6910

The air filter is the first step to protect the engine. Its main function is to filter out the harmful impurities and sand particles that will enter the engine, so as to reduce the early wear and tear of each circulating system of the engine. Our air filter used for Caterpillar(CAT), Fleetguard, Baldwin, Perkins, VOLVO, Donaldson, IVECO, Johe Deere,Komatsu, JCB,Mitsubishi and so on. Our air filter products are very complete, any time welcome to order.

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