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299-9265 238-8864 Caterpillar Filter Assembly

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Double holiday notice

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299-9265 238-8864 Caterpillar Filter Assembly

The Caterpillar Filter Assembly 299-9265 is equivalent to CAT 238-8864, Perkins ULPK0041, 10000-65694, 4132A018.

Part Number:299-9265

Part Name:Filter Assembly

Replace Brand:Caterpillar

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299-9265 238-8864 Caterpillar Filter Assembly 

Filter Assembly 299-9265 Cross Reference:

CAT 238-8864, Perkins ULPK0041, 10000-65694, 4132A018

Filter Assembly 299-9265 Parameter:

Part Number


Parts Name

Filter Assembly



Filter Assembly 299-9265 Picture:

Filter Assembly 299-9265

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