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Replacement CAT Fuel Water Separator filter 117-4089, 1174089

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China Everlasting Parts Co., Limited export filters orders Auguest,2021

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Replacement CAT Fuel Water Separator filter 117-4089, 1174089

The 117-4089 can replaces Fleetguard FS19555, Baldwin BF7679-D, Donaldson P551430, John Deere RE62424.

Part name :Fuel Water Separator

Part Number:117-4089, 1174089

Brand: Caterpillar

  • Details
  • Application

Replacement CAT Fuel Water Separator filter 117-4089, 1174089

Cross Reference :

Fleetguard FS19555, Baldwin BF7679-D, Donaldson P551430, John Deere RE62424

The 117-4089 Parameter:

Part Number

117-4089, 1174089

Parts Name

Fuel Water Separator



Overall Height

154.50 mm

Outer Diameter

84.00 mm

Inner Diameter

17.00 mm

Efficiency Rating

Standard Efficiency

The 117-4089 Details:

The CAT Fuel Water Separator 117-4018 are designed to eliminate 100% free water and 90% emulsified water, along with smaller contaminates, while also helping extend the life of your fuel filter and fuel injectors. 
Designed and built specifically for CAT equipment, our fuel water separators extend the life of your secondary filter and precision fuel system components.

Choosing genuine CAT filters is the best choice for protecting your CAT equipment.

The Fuel Water Separator 117-4018 has four attributes:
1. Designed by Caterpillar to be an integrated component of your critical fuel system.
2. Only available from Caterpillar.
3. No one knows CAT Fuel Systems better than Caterpillar.
4. Cat Filter perform better than will-fitters - see the test results.

Fuel Water Separator 117-4018

The 117-4089 Application:


M318, M320, M325B

446B, 446D

554, 574

963B 953C, 963C

320C, 320B, 320CS, 325BL, 320BL, 320CL, 322BLN, 320BLU


928G, 962G, 938F, 950G, 924F, 950F II 938G

CS-583D, CB-634D, CS-533C, CS-583C, CS-563D CP-533C, CB-634C, CS-531C, CS-563C CP-563C, CS-573C, CP-563D


55, 35, 45

D3G, D5M D6M D5G, D4G

3116, 3054B, 3054, 3126

613C, 613C II


135H NA 120H NA 135H, 120H ES 120H


3116, 3126E


IT24F, IT28G, IT28F

120H, 120HNA


AP-650B, BG-225C

312C L 320B N 320C, 322B L 320D LRR 312C, 318C, 320D, 320C L 325B LN 325B L 322B LN 323D LN 315C, 311C 319C 320C FM 320D RR 320B, 320B L 321C 320D L 323D L 330B L 323D S 320B S


IT38G, 938F, IT38F, 924F, 960F, IT24F, 938G, IT28G, 950FII, 950F


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