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What is fuel filter?

What is fuel filter?

Clean fuel is the basic condition to ensure engine running without trouble, and fuel filter is the basic of clean fuel. The structure of the oil burner consists of an aluminum shell and a bracket with stainless steel inside. The bracket is equipped with high-efficiency filter paper sheets, and the filter paper sheets are formed in a chrysanthemum shape to increase the flow area. The fuel from the fuel tank passes through the fuel pump to the injection system, the water, impurities and harmful substances in the fuel oil will cause wear, corrosion, blockage and other problems in the whole system, which will affect the performance of the engine, and will not only increase fuel consumption, if it is serious the car will be palsy and unable to start.

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2008.6 ——Company was founded in China

2009.8 ——Factory was founded in Wenzhou

2010 ——Export Branch Office was Opened in XIAMEN City

2012 ——Attend Shanghai Frankfurt exhibition

2014 ——"RUIQIAN" was Registered

2015 ——More than 300 Customers from about 50 Countries

2016 ——"AYREST" was Registered

2016 ——Attend Moscow Frankfurt exhibition

2017 ——Plant more to new Build, More than 5000 Square Meter


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