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China Everlasting Parts Co., Limited is most complete range of Filters Professional Supplier Since 2008 Company file Our company is specialized in the production of various heavy duty oil filters, cabin air filter ,fuel filters and fuel water separator and other genuine filter replacement parts. We have our own filters factory and our own brand AYREST,with 10 years filters produce experience. Meanwhile have build Good Cooperation relation with more than 20 professional manufactures, that can ensure supply steady quality filters to customers. We are filtration specialists and have mastered the techniques of separation and filtration processes. We own Complete testing equipment ensure supply acceptable quality filters to users. Our filters technology, material and quality refer to the original standard. Example: our cat filters replacement with technology is ""Non-Metallic Center Tube;Spiral Roving;Molded End Caps". Our products Our filters are used for the famous equipment. Example: Caterpillar, Komatsu, Fleetguard, Perkins, Lister Petter, FG Wilson, Deutz, VOLVO, Hitachi, JCB, Hyundai, Deawoo Doosan, Mitsubishi, John Deere, Parker Racor, Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Hydac, Pall,Kobelco, Rexreoth, Mercedes Benz, IVECO, Scania, MTU, DAF, Hengst, Hino, Mann, CNH, Yanmar, Toyor, Nissan, Luber Finer, Wix, Donaldson, Baldwin. Also welcome samples to produce according to your samples. Our filters are used on truck, bus, excavator, crane, bulldozer, harvester, forklift, coach, pump truck, loaders, generator set, steamship, air compressor, track type tractors, wheel loaders track excavators, articulated trucks, Ag tractors,compactors, pipelayers, highway trucks, wheel dozers,Construction equipment, Agriculture, Handling equipment, Marine equipment. Services EVERLSTING PARTS COMPANY is at your disposal throughout the year, in order to help you make the best choice in filtration for your equipment. The Influence and Strength of the Specialist in Filtration : The most complete range of filters in the world: 20000 available references in stock, Around 3000,000 Pcs products in stock, 10000 Square meter warehouse. Genuine quality standard can protect your engine well. Two brands: AYREST and RUIQIAN,3 packing lines,can be customized Packaging. Multilingual, Multiple communication tools to respond to the worldwide requests 6*12H manager service. 10 Year filters export experience.
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We are continuously striving to put maximum quality & growing immensely in global space as perfect Self Diesel Engine Spare Parts manufacturers Supplier exporters


Heavy duty replacement filters are designed to lower restriction and improve horsepower. mainly used for trucks and diesel equipment,bus/fire/transport vehicles, and generators.

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China Everlasting Parts Co., Limited has been offered various brand genuine filters and replacement parts since 2008. Give you best filter solutions and OEM/ODM service.

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  • Bauma CHINA 2018

    Bauma CHINA 2018

    BAUMA CHINA as a world-renowned construction machinery exhibition Germany BAUMA extension in China. On this stage, there are many high-quality enterprises, displaying tens of thousands of innovative products and technologies, and witnessing the inheritance of engineering machinery wisdom. BAUMA CHINA, the China International Construction Machinery, Building Materials Machinery, Mining Machinery, Engineering Vehicles and Equipment Expo, is held every two years at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, providing an Asian professional exchange platform for the construction machinery industry. Bauma CHINA 2018 will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from November 27-30, 2018. As an extension of the world-renowned construction machinery exhibition bauma in China, bauma CHINA has become the stage for the global engineering machinery enterprise competition. It is home to many high-quality enterprises and displays tens of thousands of innovative products and Technology, witnessed the inheritance of engineering machinery wisdom. As the top event in China and Asia, bauma China has been rooted in China for nearly 14 years and is the legend of China's first trade show. Bauma China 2014 exceeded expectations and once again covered the indoor and outdoor pavilion of Shanghai New International Expo Center, with an exhibition area of 300,000 square meters. It has gathered 3,104 exhibitors from 41 countries and regions, attracting 149 countries and regions. 191,000 spectators came to visit. The biennial bauma China, as the extension of the world's largest construction machinery exhibition in China, has become the stage for the global engineering machinery enterprise competition. After experiencing the stimulation of the National Belt and Road and the central bank's interest rate cuts to develop the real economy, the demand for construction machinery in China and surrounding areas has increased. Bauma China is the best channel to enter this market, and it is a good platform for Chinese and foreign industry professionals to gain industry trends. For nearly fourteen years, bauma China has taken on a new responsibility to showcase the will with technology and build the cornerstone with wisdom to showcase the products developed in the Chinese market based on the Chinese customer experience. To be a moving product, starting from bauma China, starting from here and going to the world to open the localization process of Chinese manufacturing.
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  • Are you looking for a low-priced filter?

    Are you looking for a low-priced filter?

    Everything can't just look at the surface, the things that look the same on the surface, the things inside are not necessarily the same. When you buying filters, many buyers often only seek cheaper prices, never considered filters quality, and did not consider the adverse reactions that expensive machines would have when using poor quality filters. In fact, compared to expensive machines, the price of the filter is simply too cheap, If you use a poor filters to make the machine damaged faster or even possible the whole machine is paralyzed, That's not worth it. Sometimes expensive things are also the cheapest, why do you say that? Because we did the right choice for the first time, instead of spending some money here and some money there, and finally did not want the result. It is never possible to buy the best filter at the lowest price. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. If you are interested in our products, you can contact me. Email:  Sales@filters-king.com WhatsApp:  +8618144082725 Wechat:  +8618144082725 Skype:  Filters-King
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  • National Day​

    National Day​

    We will meet National Days Holiday from 1th OCT to 7th OCT. We can not send out goods during our holiday. But i can service online or by email. Welcome inquiry, welcome order.
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  •  Mid-Autumn Festival

    Mid-Autumn Festival

    The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, usually in early September to early October of the Gregorian calendar with full moon at night. It is a time for family members and loved ones to congregate and enjoy the full moon - an auspicious symbol of abundance,harmony and luck. Adults will usually indulge in fragrant mooncakes of many varieties with a good cup of piping hot Chinese tea, while the little ones run around with their brightly-lit lanterns. CHINA EVERLASTING PARTS Co., Ltd. wishes you and your family a happy Mid-Autumn Festival
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  • Features and maintenance of Perkins generator set

    Features and maintenance of Perkins generator set

    Perkins is one of the first companies in the world to produce engine companies. Founded in 1932, Perkins has an annual production capacity of nearly 400,000 engines. The engines produced with diesel and natural gas fuels have been widely promoted and applied in various industries due to their economical, reliability and durability advantages. In order to enable our users to have a deeper understanding of our products, we now introduce the knowledge of Parkinson diesel generator maintenance. 1, the maintenance of the cooling system The new unit of the Perkins diesel generator set should be filled with coolant before starting. When filling, the deflation valve of the upper cooling system of the engine should be opened, and the coolant should be slowly added to the engine from the water supply port of the radiator tank until there is no air bubble and then discharged from the vent valve. The coolant should be filled below the neck of the radiator tank and should not be overfilled. After filling, the deflation valve is closed and the door on the water filter mount is opened to allow the DCA4 additive to mix into the cooling system. The cooling liquid used in the cooling system should mainly consist of pure water, antifreeze and DCA4 additive. Each liter of coolant contains 50% pure water, 50% antifreeze and 0.5 unit DCA4 additive. The well-equipped coolant can be used all year round and can be used continuously for two years. Pure water can be prevented from forming scale due to purification. Antifreeze refers to industrial ethylene glycol or propylene glycol, which can lower the freezing point of water and increase the boiling point of water. The concentration of antifreeze should be 40%. 68%, too high or too low concentration will affect the antifreeze ability of the coolant. In most climatic conditions, the recommended concentration of antifreeze is 50%, and the freezing point of the coolant can reach -33cC. The DCA4 additive forms a protective film on the inner surface of the water system to prevent cavitation and block deposits in the liner and body. 2, maintenance of the lubrication system SH grade oil; when the ambient temperature is lower than -5°C, use 10W-30CF4, CG4, CF4/SG, or CG4/SH grade oil. B and C series engines must use CF4/SG or CG4/SH grade oil. Our company mainly produces filters, Fuel Pump, Oil Pump, Belt, AVR, Electronic Actuator, Electronic Governor, Stop Solenoid, Generator Starting Controller, Oil Pressure sender, Switch, Sensors, Radiator, Alternator, Starter, Turbocharger, Meters, Truck Parts, Bus Parts, Other generator parts and Engine spare parts
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  • Air Filter AH1135 Paper

    Air Filter AH1135 Paper

    Our air filter AH1135 material is good quality paper.the stiffness is good, filtering accuracy up to standard, good filtration efficiency, product quality is more stable, can better protect the engine.
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  • What is fuel filter?

    What is fuel filter?

    Clean fuel is the basic condition to ensure engine running without trouble, and fuel filter is the basic of clean fuel. The structure of the oil burner consists of an aluminum shell and a bracket with stainless steel inside. The bracket is equipped with high-efficiency filter paper sheets, and the filter paper sheets are formed in a chrysanthemum shape to increase the flow area. The fuel from the fuel tank passes through the fuel pump to the injection system, the water, impurities and harmful substances in the fuel oil will cause wear, corrosion, blockage and other problems in the whole system, which will affect the performance of the engine, and will not only increase fuel consumption, if it is serious the car will be palsy and unable to start.
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  • Fuel Water Separator Sealing Test

    Fuel Water Separator Sealing Test

    The fuel water separator sensor, also known as the fuel water sensor, is installed below the fuel water separator. When the water in the fuel reaches the height of the two electrodes of the sensor in the oil-water separator, the two electrodes are short-circuited by the conductivity of the water, and the water level warning light is illuminated to prompt the driver to discharge water. In order to better protect the equipment, it is necessary to ensure that the water separator is well sealed. Therefore, when our factory produces each fuel water separator, it is specially tested by the machine to ensure that each product has good sealing performance before it can be sold to customers. Once it is found to have defective products, it will be recycled.
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